Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Feet

Growing up, I shared a weekly ritual with my Mom and Sister.

Thursday was girl’s night. Every Thursday we would go to a local grocery store and rent a sappy chick flick, swing by our favorite Chinese restaurant and order Hunan chicken to go. After dinner, we would start the movie, sitting on the tile floor while my mother painted our toes. Following the pedi's, we would share a bag of popcorn and cuddle up on the couch.

As a teenager, it was pure bliss. Just us girls.

If you know my Mom, you know how much she despises chipped toenails. She always had my toes in prefect condition. While living under my mother's roof, I never had chipped nails (or unpolished toes). We kept pretty feet all winter long. (This woman painted my nails as an infant y’all!)

Well, unexpectedly, I had to meet my Mom to pick up my sister for the weekend. Of course, I had chipped toenail polish…You’d think I gotten a tattoo or a nose ring. She went on and on about how I know better than to have chipped toes. How embarrassing it was and so on. I had to promise her that I wouldn’t go in public before I fixed them!

After I left my Mom, I went straight to Target and bought some polish.

Using the sparkly polish that came in my March Birchbox, along with essie’s pink-a-boo, I gave my toes a makeover!

My feet are so happy now!

P.S. can you tell I got a new camera?!


  1. Sweet story. How early did she start painting your toes??

    P.s. great job on your tootsies!! They look great!! & I love your sandals!!

    Awesome pics, btw!

  2. I guess you got that Cybershot after all? :-))

    1. Thank girl! I actually upgraded for a better camera! I sold the cybershot and got a new one last weekend!

  3. Sounds like some fun times with your Mom!!! These pictures are definitely great. What are you shooting with these days?

  4. Love the polish!!!! Your story reminds me of my mother. She had my ears pierced as an infant, never allowing me to remove my earrings. I hear this in my head right now "Where are your earrings, you holes are going to close up!" Thanks for sharing this post. LOVED IT!!!

  5. omg i LOVE this polish idea! i may have to steal it!