Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Book Review: Fire


Fire, by Kristin Cashore, is the second in a Trilogy. The first was Graceling, which you can read about here. The Third, Bitterblue, will be out May 1st.

Fire is the prequel to Graceling. (You don't have to read them in order, you can read Fire before Graceling, the plots are totally different)

Fire is a “monster” woman; the most desired woman in the entire kingdom. Some people hate her (jealousy) and men desire her. Her hair is the color of Fire (hence the name). Her fiery hair is an indicator of her “monster status” and her dangerous power of mind control.

Fire is Cansrel's daughter. The only living monster human in the Dells. (Monster's can control the minds of others) She is  afraid that she is evil like her father, and is blamed for his terrible behavior. She hides her beauty, which drives other humans insane with desire.

Fire lives in the country and uses her powers of mind-control as rarely as possible. Her closest friend and lover, Archer, is very protective and keeps her locked up in a room by herself.

Fire is bored with her life and when Prince Brigan arrives to ask for her help, she agrees. Brigan is very suspicious of Fire. He knew her father, and is sure she is just as evil.

Fire discovers that the help the king is requesting goes against her code of ethics... but it could save the entire kingdom.

I devoured this book. It is such a great story (with a lot of romance!)

My cast list:

Fire: Ashley Greene

Archer (Fire's friend and lover): Chace Crawford

Prince Brigan: Garard Butler
 (I know I've already cast him in Redeeming Love, but he is just so dang perfect. I couldn't resist!)

Cansrel (Fire's crazy father): Johnny Depp

Please, if you love to read, do yourself a favor and pick up this book asap!


  1. i'm definitely going to check out this series! thanks!