Thursday, April 5, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

I hope you all have had a marvelous week!

Today is really my Friday. I think that might be the most awesome thing on my list.


The garage sale was filled with so many awkward moments that I could write a three day series of awkward and awesome. So today's “Awkward” post is dedicated to last Saturday.

-The people who showed up the night before wanting to go through our unopened boxes so they would get the first pick. We hadn't even priced anything yet.

-The man who decided it was okay to smoke on our property. His cigarette smoke surrounded all of our things and our guests. I'm willing to bet he didn't take the bud with him to discard properly.

-The dirty diaper someone left in the yard.

-My friend Brooke left her car door open and a lady went through her things trying to buy stuff right out of her car! No you can’t buy the Disney DVD’s for a dollar! Get out of her car! Crazy.

-The lady who thought she didn’t need to wear a bra in public. (You can thank me for not taking a picture).

-The shady (trashy) people who locked their keys in their car. These are the same people who showed up just after we packed everything in boxes. They unpacked all the boxes and went through everything. Twenty minutes later, they bought $6 worth of stuff and realized they were locked out. Their spare key lived 30 minutes away.

-After we let them use our phone we went in the house, locked the doors, and stood away from the windows. Hoping, praying, that they don’t ring the doorbell asking to come inside. Stranger Danger!


-My awful neighbor, the one I wrote about here, MOVED OUT! Just pray someone worse doesn’t move in to replace her.

-One of my male coworkers said the Hunger Games was his favorite book.

-Yesterday I finished my latest book, Fire. I liked it more than the Hunger Games. I know that’s a bold statement but it’s true.

-Being at home, after a long day at work, snuggled up on my couch, watching a new episode of Smash. I’m pretty sure that’s my happy place.

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  1. Haha!! Oh man,the creeps and weirdos come out of the woodwork for a garage sale. We had a neighborhood garage sale when I was a kid, and I remember a lady trying to buy my dog, and throwing a tantrum when my dad explained that he wasn't for sale.