Monday, March 19, 2012

Well hello Monday

I was hoping for a stormy weekend filled with Harry Potter marathons, instead it was cloudy and muggy (blah). Not a drop of rain and sadly, I didn’t have time to watch my beloved Potter.

However, I did enjoy

-Fixed hair. It’s been too long.

-Harry Potter ties, if only I had a place to wear it.
(No I didn’t buy one, although, if I ever talk someone into going to the park with me you better believe I will go back and get one!)

-An evening with friends

This is the first time, in 20 years, that I don’t have a spring break. You have no idea how devastating this is for me. I spent a good part of my weekend watching my college friends post pictures of their road trips and I’m not going to lie, I’m jealous.

Did I mention my family is on spring break?! My mom and stepdad are in Florida, my brother’s in Padre (please stop for just one moment and say a prayer for him) and my baby sister is on a mission trip in Tennessee.

So while all of you are getting tan and cutting loose, think of me. Think of me in Oklahoma, grey skies and humidity, sitting at this computer, feeling like the little girl who wasn’t invited to the birthday party.

And to all of you who no longer get spring breaks, I feel your pain.

Happy Monday!

*Oh yea! And we find out who "A" is today!! YES! (Sorry if you don’t get this reference, I am too ashamed to tell you the title of the show or what channel it comes on. Just know that my inner teen has taken over).

If you know what I'm talking about I would LOVE to hear your predictions!! Who do you think "A" is?


  1. happy "A Day"! haha so excited for PLL tonight!

  2. I didn't even think about not having Spring break when I'm out of college. Oh no!! But luckily it's A Day so nothing it upset my mood!!

    1. It totally sucks! I am counting down the hours!!!

  3. hehehe I totally know what you're referring to, I'm a couple of eps behind though so I may not watch...don't put up any spoilers tomorrow!!!

    and not having spring break is the WORST. also, not having winter break. or fall break. or summer break. Ugh can't we all just be in college forever?!

  4. I'm not a PLL watcher, but I hope the revelation is all you wanted and more :)