Friday, March 23, 2012

Listen up! Another book-made-movie to watch out for!

There are few things in life that get me excited like when one of my books is made into a movie.

No, this has nothing to do with The Hunger Games, Twilight, or HP.

Last year (well two Christmases ago…Christmas 2010 to be exact); my siblings and I went on a road trip.

To Colorado.

The three of us.

Without parents.

For 16 hours.

In my brand new car.

See we wanted to go skiing with our cousins but our parents couldn’t get off work. (Can you believe they let me (21 at the time) drive my 18-year-old brother and 14 year-old sister to the mountains? In December? Where there are blizzards and windy roads? Honestly, they were out of their minds.)

Okay so I knew it would be a long trip, and because my car was brand new, there was no way I was letting one of my teenage siblings drive. Also, I didn’t let them eat in the car. We stopped for food and ate inside the restaurants. The only food/drink allowed in the car was beef jerky (no crumbs) and water. (I know… a road trip without snacks? I annoy myself.)

There were bound to be fights (due to the starvation and the fact that we are siblings). I even enacted a rule that states: If I get to the end of my rope, I have the right to declare the car “talk free” for 10 minutes (or however long it takes for me to calm down. Again, I annoy myself).

Surprisingly, all the rules were followed! Who knew? They actually listened and respected me as the pack leader big sister.

So what does this trip down memory lane have to do with book-made-movies?

On our trip I did something else, something very smart. I bought an audio book.

The Host by Stephenie Meyer.

It was slow starting.

At first, my brother and sister didn’t want to listen to it. They had their headsets on and dozed in and out for probably the first 2 hours of the trip. But that didn’t last long.

Soon they were as invested into the story as I was! We couldn’t get enough. It has a very interesting concept. One that you might turn your nose up to but I beg you to give it a chance.

I’ll let amazon explain:

"It's been years since parasitic aliens calling themselves "Souls" have invaded Earth and taken over. Once a "Soul" is placed in a human host, the alien takes over and suppresses the human's mind. But when Wanderer awakes in her new body, she finds that her human host isn't so easily overcome. Melanie, her younger brother, and the man that she loves have been in hiding; and she'll do anything to get back to them, even resist the alien parasite that has taken over her body.

The parasitic "Souls" are easy to dislike at first. But Meyer has given the alien race such a rich and colorful backstory that is truly fascinating. And Wanderer is a unique "Soul" who soon finds herself caring for the same people as her host, and finding herself torn between ties to her own people and the humans."

Here is the movie trailer:

I can’t wait to see the movie (with my brother and sister of course)!

We had great time on that trip; it brought us so much closer.

We're actually campaigning to take another trip. To the Harry Potter park. (Our parents are laughing as they read this, not going to happen I’m afraid).

Bubby, Mikayla, I love you both so much! I’ll always treasure the memories from Christmas 2010!


  1. I still haven't actually read this book yet but I heard it was really good. The movie sounds like it should be great also!

  2. I also wanted to let you know I gave you an award!

  3. Omigoodness! I just got this from library on my kindle. I'm currently laid up with a broken leg and have read like 4 books soo far! Started this one last nite in love already! Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!!