Friday, March 9, 2012


I always get sick in public places.

If embarrassing yourself was a disease, I would be on my death bed.

It all started last weekend. I was having back pains (I thought I pulled a muscle while picking up my baby niece). On Wednesday I felt a little “off" and after returning from lunch, I began feeling an intense pain in my abdomen.

The pain would come and go. It was unbearable. I’ve never felt anything like it. When I finally reached my limit, I did two things.

First, I did what anyone would do, I “Googled” my symptoms. Convinced that I have an erupted appendix, or a diseased gallbladder, I start to panic. I’m imagining myself at the ER. I can practically hear the nurses yelling “CODE BLUE” as they tear off my cloths and start the defibrillator.

Certain that I’m in a life threatening situation, I call my Dad. Yes he lives in Tulsa, and no he’s not a doctor, but he always knows what to do. He says I need to go to the ER.

I get off the phone and drag myself into my bosses office. I begin telling her my symptoms when she points out:  “oh no! your crying!”

I’m taken back by this. I didn’t realize I was crying. Why do I have to be so embarrassing! Why can’t I keep myself together! I am such a baby! What's wrong with you Brittney! Suck it up!

I start to feel dizzy, then I feel disoriented, I’m seeing black spots, I manage to say “I think I’m going to pass out” and not 2 seconds later I’m on the ground!

When I open my eyes my boss and coworkers are gathered around me. They get me up and take me to the car. We're headed straight for the emergency room.

We arrive at the ER and before I could fill out the 4 page questionnaire, I’m being moved into a hospital room. I felt like such VIP (okay so not really, I felt like their quick response was a confirmation that I have a life threatening illness.)

So what caused the horrific pain that nearly took my life?

Kidney Stones.

I’ve heard that the pain is similar to child birth, if that’s true then I think I will forgo the whole “being a mom thing” and join a nunnery.

Needless to say, I don’t think there will be a High Five for Friday post today.

If I wrote one, it would probably look something like this:





5. I survived kidney stones.

Thanks to my coworkers for staying with me in the ER! and a BIG thank you to my precious Daddy who drove like a mad man from Tulsa to Ada and stayed the night with me.  I love you so much.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Oh.My.Goodness. Brittney! #1 - congrats on surviving #2 - kidney stones are actually worse than childbirth and coming from a woman whose suffered with them for 11 years & went through 32 hours of labor I can confirm this without a doubt. #3 - i admire your sense of humor, you're too funny!

    1. Thanks, it was rough. Sounds like you're a survivor too! Have a good weekend!

  2. I hope you feel better!!!

  3. Holy wow. 1. This was probably the funniest kidney stone story I have ever heard. And 2. I'm glad you survived.

    1. Haha thanks! It was terrible. Have a good weekend!

  4. Wow!! How scary--you poor thing!! Congrats on surviving it, hope you continue to feel better!

  5. Oh honey!! So sorry you had to go through this!

    (and for the record, I delivered two babies with no pain. Don't join the convent just yet.)

  6. Oh my gosh, Brittney! I've heard those are HORRENDOUS. Hope you feel better ASAP!