Monday, March 19, 2012

Cry for Help


I am starting to freak out. I’m adding up the expenses (flight, hotel, entertainment, shopping) and I’ve realized…this is getting costly!

Long before I registered for the conference, I decided that I would try and find a roomie (or 3). Yesterday, while I was messing around on the internet, I came across a little announcement on BlogHer…the rooms are almost SOLD OUT! What! But it’s like 6 months away! How can they already be filled?

So it hit me. I need to book my room, like yesterday, but I am still without a roommate. I realize it’s weird to share a room with a stranger, I am absolutely dreading it. But you know what I dread worse than sharing a 10X10 cell hotel room with a stranger? The costs of this trip…The hotel alone are nearly a thousand dollars. That’s not including the flight and Broadway show tickets! (Broadway tickets aren’t optional; I will go ALONE if I have to) Ahhh!!

Did I mention I need new tires? Being an adult sucks.

Needless to say, I’m looking (and desperate) for a roomie.

I even put this cheesy ad on the BlogHer12 forum:

Hello! I am attending the conference and need a roomie! My name is Brittney. I’m 23, from Oklahoma and fairly new to blogging. You can visit me over at I blog about my life as a single girl fresh out of college, starting a career in PR. Don’t let my age fool you. I’m not too crazy; I am not interested in staying out bar hopping or anything like that! (wow this feels like an ad on a dating site). This will be my 3rd time in NYC so I’ve already done all the touristy type stuff. However, I would love to go to a Broadway show and do some shopping.

I would like to stay the 2nd – 6th (arrive Thursday, leave Monday). I plan on spending Sunday exploring the city! If you’re interested let me know!

So now that I am on my knees, groveling, begging for someone to help me out, I’m crossing my fingers.

If you know of someone who is attending the conference, or if you are attending the conference and are looking for a roomie, I am totally interested!

Or if you’re interested in taking a weekend getaway to the big apple:

Email me:

I promise I’m nice, and I am very clean, and I’m totally fun to explore/shop with.

Hook a sista up!


  1. waaaa!! I wannnna go!!!

    xo, Laura

    1. Oh please do!! Then we can be roomies! It will be fun! :-)

  2. I wanna go too but even though I live in NY I don't know if I can afford it this year :(

    1. Aww man, well I hope things work out! It's going to be so much fun, you have to go!