Thursday, March 22, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


1. Yesterday, I saw a beautiful double rainbow. It had the most vibrant colors. Immediately, I grabbed my phone (well it was already in my hand, I keep it on my person at all times) and went out the door. I said (out loud) to myself “WOW! A double rainbow! It’s so beautiful!” About that time I noticed a group of people in the parking lot looking up at me. They seemed confused; I think they thought I was talking to them. (when actually, I was talking to my self. Living alone will do that to you.) Don’t worry, I played it cool. I pointed at the rainbow and hollered “Do you see it?”

2. Sadly, I never got a picture of the rainbow. I’ve gotten in the habit of hitting the *Instagram app* instead of the *camera app* on my phone. I spent so much time getting the app pulled up, and then doing the impossible: getting a shot of the “entire” rainbow, that by the time I actually took the picture, it had faded so much you couldn’t see it! I didn’t realize how quickly they disappear. Fail.

3. While most 23-year-olds go to clubs, or go on, I don’t know, DATES, the most exciting thing that happened to me this week was the Pretty Little Liars finale. I'm either a young soul for my interest in the teenybopper show, or I'm an old soul for the lack of excitement in my life. Either way I don't think I'm a normal 23-year-old.

4. My sorority sisters sent me a picture of my brother on spring break (Padre) with caption: "we found your brother!" I don't know who to worry about? My brother? Or the girls? Dangerous territory.

5.The green dot next to my name on Facebook...does this mean I'm "open" to chat? Because I keep getting messages from *random* people (and by "people" I mean guys) that say "hey" or "you should be working" or "what's up?" Am I the only one who thinks Facbook chat is weird?


1. Pretty little liar’s finale. (I won’t elaborate for all of you who haven’t seen it).

2. My friends, Barbara and Susan, for comforting me during the storms.

3. I still haven't switched to the FB timeline. Whateva! I do what I want!

4. I found a BlogHer12 roomie! Also, I booked my flight and my hotel! NYC here I come!

5. The wheat pancakes taste just like the normal kind. Seriously, I can't tell a difference. You should make the switch. There much better for you.

Come back tomorrow for the rest of my awesome list! #H54F


  1. PLL finale as definitely awesome. so ready for it to start back in June!

  2. I just watched the finale last night and I can't believe we have to wait until June for more!!!

  3. I live by myself as well and randomly talk out loud to myself and when I realize it it's SO awkward! and I LOVE whole wheat pancakes and after making the change I think normal pancakes are too sweet. Hope you have a great weekend :)

    1. Thanks girl! I hope you have a good weekend to! Maybe eat some pancakes? haha

  4. I can never taste the difference between wheat and white things either - wheat all the way baby! And I haven't seen the finale but now I'm really excited. Also, I'm 24, so even weirder. Whatever, it's fine.

    1. Girl you got to get on it! It was crazy! Have a good weekend!