Thursday, March 29, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Awkward: all my pictures are taken by *me* #amateur.
Also, I can never seem to get my bangs out of my eyes.
Shirt: LOFT  2011


-last weekend I sent my sister a text asking a quick question, that required a two second response, and she never text me back. Her phone is always glued to her hand so I know she saw it. Hours later, when I heard my mom mention she was talking (texting) to my sister, I lost my cool! “How rude! She is just going to ignore me like that!” well I sent her this long (paragraph) message about how I am worth two seconds of her time, and it really hurts my feelings that she ignored my message, I was livid y’all. Well I never got a response, so after 10 minutes of fuming, I complained to my mom. My mother informed me that my sister’s phone had died and she was texting her on a friend's phone. oops. so I sent her a message that said something like this:

“Mom just told me your phone was dead. I take it all back! Please forgive me!! (unless you ignored me then I meant what I said) (but I don’t think you did) so I’m sorry, my bad. –love your crazy sister, who begs for your forgiveness. Okay I’m done.”

Of course she laughed it off and forgave me. She is so tolerant of my crazy ways. I just love her for it.

-Is it weird that I always get a shopping cart? Even if I only need one item? This is my reasoning: I'd rather push a cart than carry my purse. (If you've seen my purse, you know why). #lazy.

-Now that I finally understand hashtags, I feel the need to use them everywhere. On facebook, this here blog, texting.  If I could, I would use them in conversation! I know its annoying, I guess this is what happens when I catch on to a trend. I overcompensate for the time I lost trying to figure it out.


-The way my dog, Kosmo, acts when I come home (he lives with my parents).

When I first arrive, he goes crazy, running around my feet, barking until I pick him up. In the mornings, he sits by my door until I wake up (or until someone lets him in my room, sometimes he scratches at the door until I open it) and we snuggle for as long as I want. I know he loves our morning cuddles as much as I do.

-The drive between OKC and Ada at 6:30 in the morning. Morning talk show on KJ 103 has me laughing the entire way. Also, I love that when I leave OKC it’s still dark and by the time I arrive in Ada, the sun has fully risen. Beautiful way to start the day.

-The Spring Fling link up is just DAYS away! (Monday, April 2nd to be exact). I really want this to be a success! If you have already blogged about spring (style, décor, DIY, food, pintersting stuff, activities, workouts, stories, memories, and the list goes on forever) you should post the link here and then it will appear on all 7 blogs! Hey it’s already written! All you have to do is copy and paste! If you haven’t written anything about spring, you should totally come up with something *anything* and join the fun!

(Yes I will probably mention the Spring Fling link up every day between now and then, so just bear with me).


  1. BAH! I can't beleive you make that commute everyday! But you have a great outlook on it! (I used to live there not so long ago #bornandraisedinada)

    PS> I love #hashtags too!

  2. I love your shirt and your hair in your pic! adorable!