Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Y'all gonna make me loose my mind up in here, up in here.

Today’s post became very close to being a negative rant about unanswered emails and lost packages.

Thankfully, the crisis was averted when I opened the mail this afternoon.

So what’s all the fuss you ask?

Well over a week ago (12 days to be exact!) I received an email from Birchbox letting me know that my box has shipped. The email included tracking information and an estimated delivery date of February 13th. “Perfect!” I thought… “I will receive my package just in time for Valentine’s Day!” Boy was I wrong.

You know how much I stress out about things that are completely out of control, you know how much I try to fix every situation that goes astray, you know how much I like telling people what to do.

So when February 16th arrived and I still hadn’t received my beloved Birchbox, I wrote a (nice but stern) email to both Birchbox and UPS asking “where in the hell is my package!!!”

When I didn’t receive a response, I about came unglued. A few days later I wrote another email. This time I wasn’t nice, I was professionally annoying. According to the tracking device (or whatever it is they use to figure out where your package is located) my box had been stuck in New Jersey for 6 days! After Jersey, it was processed in Salt Lake City, UT.

At this point I am convinced that my precious box will never make it to my door. I’m also convinced that Birchbox and UPS are reading my emails together over a cold beer, laughing hysterically at my frantic and desperate cry for help over a $10 box of samples.

I felt defeated. I looked for phone numbers (determined to speak to an actual human being and not the World Wide Web). I couldn’t find anything.

The nerve of these people! Do they even KNOW how many readers I have gotten to subscribe to their service!?

Raise your hand if you get a Birchbox because you saw mine on this here blog!

I thought so!

All of you rose your hand right?

Anyway, my box traveled all over the United States.

The tracking information. Oh how I loathe thee.

It finally made it home today and I am beyond thrilled with what’s inside!

I will write another post tomorrow about all my goodies.

Now if you will excuse me…me and my new samples are going to spend the evening getting to know each other.

Oh yeah, I finally heard back from Birchbox  (After I found my box in the mail). They wanted to let me know my box would be delivered today. Whatever. Thanks for letting me sweat it out the past two weeks.

Still no word from UPS.


  1. I know and feel your frustrations... I went through the exact same thing! I also felt very sad once I got my birch box and realized I didn't get as cool of things as someone else after seeing their post recently about their Feb. Birch Box... None the less I loved mine and can't wait for next months!!!! Oh and I love reading your blog!!!

    1. Well it's nice to know I'm not the only one stressing! I'm so glad you enjoy my stories! Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  2. You keep tempting me.... But I can't betray Mary Kay. But there are other products besides cosmetics, right? So maybe I can justify it. :))

    1. It's not just makeup! I get all kinds of stuff: snacks, nail polish, nail polish remover, hair accessories...it's totally worth it! And I don't think you would be cheating on Mary Kay!

  3. I hate unanswered emails! They're the worst!!! That's so rude of them to not even say anything.

    1. Agreed!! I'm not very happy with UPS right now!

  4. It took me three phone calls to get my birchbox. They kept giving me 100 points for my trouble. Then I got my box today and it's the wrong one. I was looking forward to my beauty blender smh. i was soooo pissed. They don't know why the wrong one was sent out. I totally feel your pain too and I'm glad to hear that I wasn't the only one going through this mess. They better shape up in March or else I'm canceling.