Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mystery Man

Yesterday I had a moment with a stranger at Wal-Mart.

I was on the phone with my mom, chatting about her Valentine’s plans, when it happened. I passed by a beautiful man. So handsome, definitely a TDH.

We locked eyes, my mother’s voice and the rest of the world completely disappeared, everything was in slow motion. We both smiled and he said “hello.” I replied back with a squeaky “hi.” A couple of seconds later I could hear my mother talking about sunglasses and the loud commotion of Wal-Mart as I came back to reality.

In a hurry, I got off the phone with my mother, whipped my cart around and headed down the canned fruit isle in search for what I’m sure is to be my future husband. How romantic that I met him on Valentine’s Day! All I have to do is casually pass by him and of course, he will stop me and ask “where have you been all my life?” Then we would seal our love with a kiss and live happily ever after.

Well Mr. Right was nowhere to be found. He completely dropped off the face of the earth. A figment of my imagination.

That’s when I realized this is really what happened:

I’m on the phone with my mother when I see a gorgeous man, probably shopping for his gorgeous wife and kids. I stare him down until he feels so uncomfortable that he has no other choice but to say “hello.” Probably thinking “Maybe if I say something she will realize that her death stare is creeping me out…” I respond with a squeaky “hi” (very similar to the one my awkward 9th grade self gave Andrew B., the star of my High School football team). After we passed, he probably ran out of Wal-Mart looking over his shoulder in hopes that the crazy lady wasn’t following him.

But I choose to remember our “epic moment” as a blissful gift from Cupid.

Earlier that day:

I got this email from my Momma!

Made me feel so happy :)
love her so much.

Also, I had a wittle pity party over the fact that EVERYONE was posting pictures of their flowers on Facebook and Twitter. I even tweeted about it:

But later that afternoon, around 4:00, I received a beautiful delivery from the floral shop!

Oh boy! I am such a hypocrite! The first thing I did was slap that picture all over my facebook and twitter! Hehe

They were from my Poppa and Mary Ann. It really made my day, I was so surprised!

Thank you so much for thinking about me! I was truly touched. I love you both!

It's Wednesday! The week is ½ over! Whoo hoo!!


  1. I do things like that to all the time!! If you ever run into that man again you have to marry him! Or at least snap a creepy picture while hiding behind a card display so we can see him.

  2. Your Valentine's Day sounds pretty special! Don't give up on the mystery man. I met my husband in an aisle at Barnes and Noble and 4 months later we were married! These things do happen. Hope your week is going great!

    Melissa from Grin and Barrett Blog