Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Traveling February Birchbox

After a lot of grief, which you can read about here, I finally am able to enjoy this month’s Birchbox!

I have mixed feelings about my box this month and I noticed that a lot of other people weren’t so happy with their box either. I was so scared I would be stuck with those dreadful lip tattoos! My friend Nicole got some in hers, they look impossible to apply and (let’s be honest)they remind me of something Lady Gaga might wear.

Here's what I got:

LA FRESH® Eco Beauty Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover

Great for traveling, I got two packets of nail polish remover! It seems like I spend at least two weekends a month out of town, these will be perfect in my makeup bag!

Exude Lipstick
Left: Rachel Zoe, Right: My very own lipstick :-)
I'm a happy girl!

What do you think?

Scarf: Target
 By far my favorite thing in the box! I am swooning over this stuff. HUGE sample size, looks just like what you see in the picture. Mine came in the coral shade, I am considering purchasing this item in red! According to Birchbox, it is a favorite of Rachel Zoe (Mega-fabulous-stylist that I absolutely adore). It has a glass applicator and a very wet texture.

Eye Rock Designer Liner

At first glance, these babies look a little scary. They remind me of stick on tattoos. I am unsure if I would ever wear them in public. I’m going to do some experimenting this weekend and will give you all the details. They look extremely dramatic, something that would be great for Halloween or maybe a tacky party. More information coming soon!

BLK DNM Perfume 11

It is a unisex perfume created by the BLK Denim founder (some hot shot in New York City). It smells like an old lady.

I also got a heart shaped nail file and a card to download free music.

I can’t wait for next month! I recieved an email asking if I wanted to trade my normal box for the Teen Vogue box...I think YES!

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  1. Of course you look pretty, beautiful, drop dead gorgeous in that color!!:) But you do all the time!!!A glass applicator for your lipstick? Now that is something Mary Kay does not have. How does that work.. is the lipstick more the texture of lip gloss? I'm sold.. I love packages in the mail. That is why I FIND stuff to buy from ebay!!

  2. Thanks Aunt Karla :-) You should get one!

  3. Haha...I definitely got the lip tattoos. Cheetah print, to be exact. Too bad I'm not a hooker.

    And agreed...not the best box. Oh well :)

  4. Hi! I'm your newest follower! I am not gonna lie - I am EXTREMELY jealous of your box! I'm DYING to try the Exude Lipstick and woulda loved the perfume too! My box was soooooo disappointing which is sad cause it was my first box ever .... :(

    1. Thanks for following! My first box was a let down as well. This was my 5th and they keep getting better each time! Hang in there! I bet next month's is better!