Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm not feeling well.

Getting sick is a rare occurrence around here in Brittney land. I hardly ever get sick. So when I do, I don’t take it very well.

I got sick ONE day last year. It was on Halloween. (No, it wasn’t cause by alcohol because my life is completely and totally boring. The highlight of my day is trying out the latest Weight Watchers recipe and getting caught up on my DVR).

So today, on this dreary Tuesday, I’m trying to be a big girl. I got up, fought the pounding headache and the scratchy throat, slapped on my makeup and did my hair.

It wasn’t easy.

Good bye to the days of calling my mom from my bedroom to bring me some cough syrup and a damp wash cloth.

Good bye to the days of lying in bed watching Gilmore Girl reruns.

Good bye to the days of relying upon my mom to make the doctor’s appointment and pay the bill.

And hello to adulthood.

Hello Work! No I’m not feeling well but I still came because I hoard my sick days like I’m going to catch mono from all the not existent guys I’ve been kissing and might have to take a few weeks off.

Hello Doctor! I would love to wait in your boring waiting room alone and pay my deductable! (If that even make sense because I still don’t understand all the nooks and crannies of having MY OWN health insurance)

I miss my mom! I miss my bedroom (the one in Jenks that was sold to a nice family 4 years ago)! I miss Gilmore Girls!

What happened to my childhood! Where did it go!! I want it back!!!


  1. Ahh!! Sad to hear you are sick. Feel better girl!

  2. I haven't been sick in years and when my 11 week old baby got sick last week, so did I. No more calling mom for me either... I am the mom! :)

    1. It totally Sucks :( Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hope you feel better soon! You are missed by your readers!