Friday, February 17, 2012

High Five For Friday!

Today we are linking up for Lauren for High Five For Friday!

Here we go:

1. Remember last weekend when I got a facial? Well went to the salon my step sister works at. I stopped by her station to say hello and one of her clients said something funny when Courtney introduced me as her sister: “You two look just alike! I can really see it in your face!” We died laughing and told her we are actually step sisters and aren’t biologically related! Awkward.

2. With the help of my sister, I finally gave my jewelry box a makeover! Read this post to see how I ruined it!

3. Last night I went to the theatre. It was fabulous. One of my good friends was the lead. She did a wonderful job! I was soo proud!

Susan with her Husband (her real husband, not her "character's" husband...)

4. I am OFFICIALLY registered to attend BlogHer 2012 in NYC!! Doing my happy dance right now!

 I'm going to BlogHer '12

5. Tonight I'm going to a Thunder game! It’s my first NBA game and I’m so excited!!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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