Thursday, February 9, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


-Leaving my coat at a restaurant and having to go back to get it. That’s not the awkward part. The awkward part was when they held it up to ask if it was mine. I had to ask them bring it closer because I couldn’t see it! I swear I’m going blind.

-The most valuable part of my beautification process is gone. My Chi went out *gasp!* I know, it’s a complete disaster. I am boycotting Chi!! This was my FOURTH flat iron to go out! I really want to by a GHD but they are nearly two hundred dollars!! Yikes! Not gunna happen.

-Because I lost my Chi, I tried to recreate the sock bun (as seen on Pinterest).

My hair refuses to cooperate!

- stuffy nose + clogged ears = Fran Fine voice

…which brings me to my next question: Is it a cold or allergies? Am I contagious or not contagious? Should I go to work or stay home? I went to work. Currently regretting that decision.

-Looking forward to my Ada book club girls night tonight (yes I’m in two book clubs) only to find out I have a conflict! Oklahoma Bloggers Night out, I mentioned it here, is tonight as well! I'm so sad I'm missing book club! they're going to skype with the author of our book!! We read The Lost wife by Alyson Richman. I decided to go to blogger's night out because book club comes every month, blogger's night out happens once or twice a year. So sad.


-I found out (via Twitter) that my favorite ETSY shop, the one I mentioned here, is getting iPad cases!! Yay!

-Halls cough drops.

-Mucinex was on sale at Walgreens for $11 (normally $17)!

-The chocolate dipped fruit basket I ordered (being delivered *to me* on Feb. 14th)…helping out a local fundraiser and treating myself at the same time!


  1. i love you sent yourself a fruit basket. i also ordered chocolate dipped strawberries for v-day. i say they are for hubby, but he kindly pointed out he doesn't really care for them. oops! hehehe!
    get to feeling better.


    1. Thanks girl!! Yum I love chocolate strawberries!!

  2. That is *exactly* what happened when I tried a sock bun. Hilarious!

    So good to meet you last night!

    1. It was sooo good meeting you! I had such a great time! :-)