Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I have to admit, I’ve been bored with awkward and awesome Thursday. It’s hard to come up with “awesome” things on Thursday and a list of my “top 5” on Friday. They overlap! Last week I decided to stop doing the A&A Thursday posts.

But yesterday a dear friend of mine (also a sorority sister), Jill, post a lovely comment on my facebook saying “I can’t wait for awkward and awesome Thursday!” Oh dear. I can’t let her down!

With that being said, I present Awesome and Awkward Thursday!


-Last weekend Mom and I went to Sam’s. I saw a sign for honey chicken nugget samples! Yay! I rushed over to snag a bite but they weren’t ready. The nice lady told me and all the other children to come back in a few minutes and she would give us some (she also told the other kids to bring their mommy with them). Why do I always feel like the sample servers judge me for taking samples? Am I the only one who feels this way?

-My rude neighbor got a visit from the Ada P.D. After they left, she came up to my apartment and beat my door down, convinced I called the cops on her (Which I totally didn’t do!) After I tell her that It wasn’t me, she asked if I’ve ever called our landlord…gulp… "um, no! I would never do that!” (I think she bought it)

-The post I wrote about my lost Birchbox, this one, I mentioned that I had a problem with UPS. The day after the post went live, I received this email from my mother:

“Just read your blog and I’m glad you got your Brichbox! Hey… did you realize this package was not shipped by UPS (the brown truck) but by USPS (United States Postal Service)? Or at least that is what your tracking information indicates. Maybe that is why UPS never responded? Just sayin…”


I *did*send my letter to the email listed under the tracking information:, that explains why I thought it was UPS…just sayin.

-On my Top 5 last week I wrote that OKC Thunder was playing the Spurs. When I got to the game I realized they are actually playing Golden State Warriors. My bad. (I deleted the error from the post…did anyone catch my mistake?)


-The past two days have been absolutely beautiful outside. It makes me want to burst into song “Oh what a beautiful morning…” from Rogers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma.

-The chicken nuggets at Sam’s were so yummy. We bought a bag. I’m not sure if we bought them because they were good or to avoid the judgmental look from the server.

-This quote from Smash: “Calling the chorus an ensamble is like calling trash men sanitation workers” I‘ve felt that way about being in the chorus my entire life, I’ve never been able to put it to words. Until now. Thank you Smash.

-Tonight I'm going to the Thunder game...they are playing the Lakers!!! (I double checked this time, it really is the LAKERS!)

Hope you enjoyed this Jilly!

Have a good Thursday everyone!

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  1. I love the judgmental servers. The whole point is to let you sample so you'll fall in love with the product and buy tons of it. They're just jealous you get to eat it!