Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photos from my day

I went on a little business trip to Stillwater today.

Take a look:

Left: On the field
Right: President's Suite

Left: Head Coach, Mike Gundy's Office
Right: 2012 Fiesta Bowl trophy

Top: Heisman Trophy
Bottom: Trophy Room
I had a pretty good day!

I hope you did too!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh please let it be true!!

Today, I stumbled upon some very exciting news!

I found out that one of my recent reads, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, is going to be made into a movie (well most likely, I don’t think it’s set in stone yet)!

The book was written by the Pioneer Woman, click here for my recap of the book.

It’s a wonderful love story and funny too!

I came across this tidbit of information while snooping around the internet…after further digging, I found this post written by the Pioneer Woman about the film. She mentions the possibility of Reese Witherspoon playing her!

You know how I love casting my books…so I thought for fun I would come up with my pick for Marlboro Man and the Pioneer Woman.

Although I love Reese Witherspoon, I’m not sure I would pick her for this role.

How about Natalie Portman? We know she can be hilarious from the movie “No Strings Attached.” I think she would make a perfect Pioneer Woman: city girl who’s career driven and extremely clumsy.

When I think of Marlboro Man, I think of someone who can take my breath away with one look (he does this in the book to Ree). The first man I thought of was Ryan Gosling.

Very capable of being passionate but still a gentleman, very dreamy…I wouldn’t mind looking at him for 90 minutes!

What are your thoughts?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Memories

I’m feeling a little sentimental today.

Not much has happened in my little corner of the world so I thought I would share a memory.

I talk about my dog all the time, but for those of you that are new, I’d like to introduce you to Kosmo:

Isn’t he a cutie!

Early in my childhood I was petrified of dogs all animals, epically chucky cheese (but that’s another story). I would practically climb up my mother every time we passed a four legged creature.

In 2nd grade I was invited to a sleepover with a girl from my daycare. She was in 3rd grade. It was probably my first sleep over away from home. All the girls were older and way “cooler” than me.

At one point during the night I had to go to the bathroom so bad! I sprinted up the stairs and just as I made it into the bathroom, the other girls were behind me with two dogs. (they were little dogs, probably Pomeranians) They locked me in the bathroom with both of the dogs. I jumped on the counter and screamed for them to open the door, they just sat outside and laughed. My bladder was at maximum capacity, I’m sure you can guess what happened next. I peed my pants, straight through my pajamas, on the counter, with the dogs barking and older girls laughing. I remember it so vividly. I was humiliated. I don’t remember how I got out of the bathroom or what else happened that night but it was terrible.

My fear of dogs ended in 5th grade when I met Kristen. Her family had FOUR Rottweilers and a Great Dane. I’m not sure how it happened but I was talked into coming over to her house for a sleepover. Unlike the first group of girls, Kristen and her family were sensitive to my fear. Eventually, I was comfortable around her pets and began to love animals.

In 6th grade I convinced my mom to let me get a dog, a Maltese. My friend, Briana, had a Maltese so of course I had to have one. They are the most wonderful pets. They don’t shed and they are beautiful!

At first, my Mom wasn’t into the idea but she made a deal with me. She agreed to get me a Maltese if I made straigt A’s all year. Gulp. This hadn’t happened before. Up unitil that point I was a mediocre student, but I came through with my end of the bargain and made it all year with straight A’s (which didn’t happened again until college y’all!)

Kosmo has been with our family for a long long time. None of us could imagine life without him! My Mom claims that she is Kosmo’s mommy now (but we all know who his real mommy is)! He is such a lover and can make me smile in the darkest of times.

So let’s take some time and appreciate our furbabies! Maybe give your loved one an extra treat? Or a long rub on the belly? Or a walk? (or in our case, let him hump all his toys tonight? (yes Mom, even the Husky) Haha)

Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Somebody pinch me!

I’ve said this probably 565 times over the last couple of days but Thursday night was the BEST EVER.

I told you I went to the Thunder vs. Lakers game but I forgot to mention one little detail (I didn’t mention it because I had NO CLUE until right before!


Close to Rob Lowe (the actor, from Brothers and Sisters, one of my favorite TV shows that was cancelled last year, I’m still mad, I think I’ll write ABC an email). Oh yeah back to Rob…

This guy:

He had a bunch of security that practically tackled me when I took this pic.

Apparently I was all over TV! (Well according to my Mom and Dad…but they have a lot of practice in picking me out of large crowds so who knows).

Also, I could practically touch the players:

Kevin Durant
Kobe Bryant

more Kobe


A little game time action shots (brought to you via iPhone):

Before the game we enjoyed a complementary dinner in the courtside club, we also enjoyed dessert at halftime.

Cozy atmosphere
 It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will remember forever.

Oh yeah, this is what I wore:
dress: H&M, nude pumps: Kohls
And's back to reality (watching the Oscars on my couch, in my tiny apartment, wearing an old sorority t-shirt, sipping on some sugar free hot chocolate).
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, February 24, 2012

High Five for Friday!


Congratulations on surviving another week! I hope it wasn’t too crazy.

Well it’s Friday and as usual, we are linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday!

This week has been pretty good to me but as always, I am so thankful it’s the weekend. This weekend I am going to catch up on my DVR, visit my favorite salvage, walk up and down Ada main street and look at antiques. Also, I am going to experiment with the eyeliner I got in my Birchbox.

Here are my top five for the week:

ONE. I recently found out that Martha Stewart has an office line at Staples. I am so excited! I have been looking for some cute office storage that matches my new Pottery Barn bedding.


I promise they match

$5 off coupon here

Snap shot of my desk.

TWO. This week I had breakfast for dinner. Yum! Always a favorite!

Omelet, toast with low sugar jelly, fresh strawberries.

THREE. I finally ordered the iPhone case I’ve been eyeballing from Pencil Shavings Studio.


Mine is the one on the left (Imagine it with a “B” initial)

FOUR. I picked up the Sephora brush cleaner mentioned on Lauren’s blog. It worked wonders on my bushes and was extremely inexpensive.

Brush Cleaner

FIVE. I got this beautiful crossbody bag from Coach a few weeks ago. I love the neutral color and it is the perfect shape and size! (I used a gift card that I have been saving since graduation. Last May. Long overdue.)


Thanks for stopping by! Have a good weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I have to admit, I’ve been bored with awkward and awesome Thursday. It’s hard to come up with “awesome” things on Thursday and a list of my “top 5” on Friday. They overlap! Last week I decided to stop doing the A&A Thursday posts.

But yesterday a dear friend of mine (also a sorority sister), Jill, post a lovely comment on my facebook saying “I can’t wait for awkward and awesome Thursday!” Oh dear. I can’t let her down!

With that being said, I present Awesome and Awkward Thursday!


-Last weekend Mom and I went to Sam’s. I saw a sign for honey chicken nugget samples! Yay! I rushed over to snag a bite but they weren’t ready. The nice lady told me and all the other children to come back in a few minutes and she would give us some (she also told the other kids to bring their mommy with them). Why do I always feel like the sample servers judge me for taking samples? Am I the only one who feels this way?

-My rude neighbor got a visit from the Ada P.D. After they left, she came up to my apartment and beat my door down, convinced I called the cops on her (Which I totally didn’t do!) After I tell her that It wasn’t me, she asked if I’ve ever called our landlord…gulp… "um, no! I would never do that!” (I think she bought it)

-The post I wrote about my lost Birchbox, this one, I mentioned that I had a problem with UPS. The day after the post went live, I received this email from my mother:

“Just read your blog and I’m glad you got your Brichbox! Hey… did you realize this package was not shipped by UPS (the brown truck) but by USPS (United States Postal Service)? Or at least that is what your tracking information indicates. Maybe that is why UPS never responded? Just sayin…”


I *did*send my letter to the email listed under the tracking information:, that explains why I thought it was UPS…just sayin.

-On my Top 5 last week I wrote that OKC Thunder was playing the Spurs. When I got to the game I realized they are actually playing Golden State Warriors. My bad. (I deleted the error from the post…did anyone catch my mistake?)


-The past two days have been absolutely beautiful outside. It makes me want to burst into song “Oh what a beautiful morning…” from Rogers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma.

-The chicken nuggets at Sam’s were so yummy. We bought a bag. I’m not sure if we bought them because they were good or to avoid the judgmental look from the server.

-This quote from Smash: “Calling the chorus an ensamble is like calling trash men sanitation workers” I‘ve felt that way about being in the chorus my entire life, I’ve never been able to put it to words. Until now. Thank you Smash.

-Tonight I'm going to the Thunder game...they are playing the Lakers!!! (I double checked this time, it really is the LAKERS!)

Hope you enjoyed this Jilly!

Have a good Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Traveling February Birchbox

After a lot of grief, which you can read about here, I finally am able to enjoy this month’s Birchbox!

I have mixed feelings about my box this month and I noticed that a lot of other people weren’t so happy with their box either. I was so scared I would be stuck with those dreadful lip tattoos! My friend Nicole got some in hers, they look impossible to apply and (let’s be honest)they remind me of something Lady Gaga might wear.

Here's what I got:

LA FRESH® Eco Beauty Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover

Great for traveling, I got two packets of nail polish remover! It seems like I spend at least two weekends a month out of town, these will be perfect in my makeup bag!

Exude Lipstick
Left: Rachel Zoe, Right: My very own lipstick :-)
I'm a happy girl!

What do you think?

Scarf: Target
 By far my favorite thing in the box! I am swooning over this stuff. HUGE sample size, looks just like what you see in the picture. Mine came in the coral shade, I am considering purchasing this item in red! According to Birchbox, it is a favorite of Rachel Zoe (Mega-fabulous-stylist that I absolutely adore). It has a glass applicator and a very wet texture.

Eye Rock Designer Liner

At first glance, these babies look a little scary. They remind me of stick on tattoos. I am unsure if I would ever wear them in public. I’m going to do some experimenting this weekend and will give you all the details. They look extremely dramatic, something that would be great for Halloween or maybe a tacky party. More information coming soon!

BLK DNM Perfume 11

It is a unisex perfume created by the BLK Denim founder (some hot shot in New York City). It smells like an old lady.

I also got a heart shaped nail file and a card to download free music.

I can’t wait for next month! I recieved an email asking if I wanted to trade my normal box for the Teen Vogue box...I think YES!

Want a Birchbox? Click here!

Linking up for the Birchbox Beauty Bash!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Y'all gonna make me loose my mind up in here, up in here.

Today’s post became very close to being a negative rant about unanswered emails and lost packages.

Thankfully, the crisis was averted when I opened the mail this afternoon.

So what’s all the fuss you ask?

Well over a week ago (12 days to be exact!) I received an email from Birchbox letting me know that my box has shipped. The email included tracking information and an estimated delivery date of February 13th. “Perfect!” I thought… “I will receive my package just in time for Valentine’s Day!” Boy was I wrong.

You know how much I stress out about things that are completely out of control, you know how much I try to fix every situation that goes astray, you know how much I like telling people what to do.

So when February 16th arrived and I still hadn’t received my beloved Birchbox, I wrote a (nice but stern) email to both Birchbox and UPS asking “where in the hell is my package!!!”

When I didn’t receive a response, I about came unglued. A few days later I wrote another email. This time I wasn’t nice, I was professionally annoying. According to the tracking device (or whatever it is they use to figure out where your package is located) my box had been stuck in New Jersey for 6 days! After Jersey, it was processed in Salt Lake City, UT.

At this point I am convinced that my precious box will never make it to my door. I’m also convinced that Birchbox and UPS are reading my emails together over a cold beer, laughing hysterically at my frantic and desperate cry for help over a $10 box of samples.

I felt defeated. I looked for phone numbers (determined to speak to an actual human being and not the World Wide Web). I couldn’t find anything.

The nerve of these people! Do they even KNOW how many readers I have gotten to subscribe to their service!?

Raise your hand if you get a Birchbox because you saw mine on this here blog!

I thought so!

All of you rose your hand right?

Anyway, my box traveled all over the United States.

The tracking information. Oh how I loathe thee.

It finally made it home today and I am beyond thrilled with what’s inside!

I will write another post tomorrow about all my goodies.

Now if you will excuse me…me and my new samples are going to spend the evening getting to know each other.

Oh yeah, I finally heard back from Birchbox  (After I found my box in the mail). They wanted to let me know my box would be delivered today. Whatever. Thanks for letting me sweat it out the past two weeks.

Still no word from UPS.

Friday, February 17, 2012

High Five For Friday!

Today we are linking up for Lauren for High Five For Friday!

Here we go:

1. Remember last weekend when I got a facial? Well went to the salon my step sister works at. I stopped by her station to say hello and one of her clients said something funny when Courtney introduced me as her sister: “You two look just alike! I can really see it in your face!” We died laughing and told her we are actually step sisters and aren’t biologically related! Awkward.

2. With the help of my sister, I finally gave my jewelry box a makeover! Read this post to see how I ruined it!

3. Last night I went to the theatre. It was fabulous. One of my good friends was the lead. She did a wonderful job! I was soo proud!

Susan with her Husband (her real husband, not her "character's" husband...)

4. I am OFFICIALLY registered to attend BlogHer 2012 in NYC!! Doing my happy dance right now!

 I'm going to BlogHer '12

5. Tonight I'm going to a Thunder game! It’s my first NBA game and I’m so excited!!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ghost Hunting

Today I went into a haunted building (well so I’m told…)

The building I’m referring to opened in 1947 and was a hospital. The Sugg Clinic closed in 1980 and was abandon for several years. Today it is used as an office building and headquarters for KCNP radio station.

After running an errand for work I was talked into taking a tour of the basement. The basement is an extremely scary place. I felt as though I was on an episode of Ghost Hunters. Half of the lights don’t work and there is dust all over everything. We used the flashlight app on our cell phones to get around. I swear the app illuminates the room to look just like night vision!

I took some snapshots with my phone…take a look!

Outside of the Sugg Clinic

The first thing I saw when I got off the elevator.  I'm not sure what purpose it served.

Broken clock, notice it stopped at midnight.

I hate that this picture is blurry! It is the door to the morgue!
This room is where they would dissect the bodies (or maybe embalm), there were drains in the floor.

It looks like a scene from the SAW movies! I was so scared!
Creepy hallway

This is a sign outside an exam room.

I was petrified the entire time, convinced that at any moment I would turn around and be face to face with a ghost or demon. Thankfully, nothing strange happened. I didn't see any abnormal lights or shapes; it didn’t get icy cold when we entered a room and nothing moved on its own.

I'm not sure where I stand on ghosts but I would be completely happy living the rest of my life without solving that mystery!

How about you? Do you believe in ghosts? Have you had an encounter or experienced something you can’t explain?

I would love to hear your stories!