Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm 23 and I've never...

1. Bungee Jumped

2. Touched a snake

3. Played a sport that involves a ball

4. been able to do the moon walk

5. Gotten a tattoo

6. Used my passport

7. Broken a bone

8. Gotten a bee sting (or wasp for that matter!)

9. Watched “The Office”

10. Been to California

11. Been in the hospital (as a patient)
12. Watched Lord of the Rings

13. Understood Algebra

14. Slept outside

15. Had braces

16. Driven a standard

17. Won a contest

18. Rode a skateboard

19. Watched Star Wars

20. been able to do the worm

21. Cut my own hair

22. Asked a boy on a date (I’m old fashioned)

23. Been able to whistle 


  1. You are missing out girl!! Mostly on the not watching Lord of The Rings part. Everything else you're probably fine without!

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