Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I think I might die

I’m back!

I’ve been on “mini-vacation!”

Friday my sister, Courtney, convinced me to meet her in Dallas for the weekend. As soon as I got off work I rushed home, grabbed my bag and headed south.

I’m not very good at being spontaneous.

Things I forgot to pack:
Pants (other than the pair I was wearing)
(Yes I brought 4 shirts and NO pants! Why!?! Why!!)

I met her in Allen for some outlet shopping and dinner. We ate at a fabulous sushi place called Blue Fish. It was in a trendy shopping district. I could totally live there and be the happiest 23-year-old-single-girl that ever was!

We had to walk up these stairs to get to our car:

We got about half way up the stairs when it happened. I’m not sure how or what caused this horrific-ego crushing-experience (although I’m sure it’s linked to the absent mindedness that clouded my packing choices).

By now you have probably figured out what took place on the stairs.

I fell.
On my face.

I was sprawled out on my stomach like a person learning to surf. I swear my forehead was less than an inch away from the concrete.

It was ugly.

The look on my sister’s face was nothing less than terrifying. She *gasped* and rushed over to ask if I was okay as she helped me up. (It’s the worst when you need help getting up!)

All I could do was laugh through the awkwardness. I couldn’t stop laughing. In all reality, I was scoping out the place to see how many of these fabulous trendy people witnessed my demise.

It didn’t end there.

We got to our hotel and pulled into the valet. We felt like such princesses. Staying in a fab hotel and using valet (for my first time!)

We get out of the car and open the back hatch. My cheepo bottle of wine falls out of my purse (oh dear) and shatters into a million pieces onto the valet driveway. In the mean time, there are several cars behind us waiting to be checked in. I fell to my knees trying to pick up what’s left of my pride off the Hilton front entrance.

The next morning Courtney got up to take her little Yorkie out to pee. She wouldn’t go. Court says she gave up and headed back to the room. When they reached the lobby, Zoe (the dog) went #2 right on the floor!

The Beverly Hillbillies have arrived.

All in all, we had a wonderful New Years together.

(I didn’t even mention the ridiculous shopping that took place and my amazing new pair of boots!)

Today it’s back to reality (work). I'm glad. I’m ready for some normalcy!

Happy New Year!

P.S. Brittney's Orr-dinary Life is getting a makeover! New Year-New Blog! Stay tuned!

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