Friday, January 27, 2012

High Five For Friday

Today we are linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Lauren, for High Five for Friday!


Here are my top five this week:

1. My new fashion role model, I mentioned her blog last week. The clothes (and pictures) are beautiful. I love that she has so many different styles. Also, she shops at some of my favorite stores: target, forever21...I love that she is a REAL girl on a REAL budget!

2. These DIY stripped magazine holders. I am a little obsessed with stripes right now (mostly for clothing) but I think something like this would be gorgeous in my home office.

3. The fact that my Brother, this guy:

Who used to look like this:

Is addicted to this:

4. I told you yesterday at my link party…*ahem*that no one participated in…I’m a loser…feel sorry for me now…moving on…that my best friend Alyssa is engaged! Well I forgot to mention one very important detail: I’m the Maid of Honor! EEEEK! Loving this customized planner I found on ETSY:

5. I am a member of a local organization:

Last night we had a “social” at East Central University. I attended a reception hosted by President Hargrove, I love that he has such a big vision for the future of Ada and has a passion for the arts. Following the reception we saw the Nobodies of Comedy.

Hilarious. I laughed so hard my stomach still hurts (you know the laugh... the one where you're laughing so hard that your body is shaking and no sound is coming out? Yeah, it was that good.)



  1. I love those magazine rack/holder things. I love those things, and I feel like you could use them for anything!

    Congratulations on being Maid of Honor at your friend's wedding!

    I found you through Hollie's link up :)

    1. I love them too! I can't wait to make some! thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love the day book, she has the best fashion... such a cute blog :) Hope you enjoy being MOH at your friends wedding. I found you on Hollie's link up and started following you ! Enjoy your weekend !

    with love,

    follow me at :

    1. I hope I enjoy being MOH too! It's a pretty big job! Have a good weekend Meg!

  3. Love love love the Daybook blog! And the hunger games :) happy friday!

  4. just found your blog from hollies link up and i'm your newest follower - and i'd lOvE for you to follow me back :)

  5. He is!! (and he knows it!!) lol

  6. Hi Brittney! I found your blog from #ff. I love the Daybook blog as well and did a post about Sydney a few weeks back. She is so awesome and I love your awkward/awesome post! I am following your blog! It's so cute, and I have a design from Green Tangerine as well. Check me out!

    See you fellow blogger,

    Grin and Barrett Blog

    1. Melissa, thanks for the follow! I loved your blog, the revenge recap is great! I love that show!

  7. Hi Brittany!
    I found your blog through Follow Friday and wanted to say hi! I LOVE that planner---very cute!


  8. Just found your blog through FF! Excited to start following :) I LOVE those magazine holders. LOVE, I tell you. I am a magazine collector/hoarder so I think I need these!