Friday, January 6, 2012

Got milk?

Monday, I went to the grocery store to buy my weekly groceries. I decided to wait to buy my milk at Braums because a) their milk tastes better and b) the expiration date lasts longer.

So last night, Thursday, I still hadn’t gone to Braums to get milk. I had been craving milk all day and finally around 9 p.m. I went to get some. I had already changed into my pajamas (it’s the first thing I do when I get off work), taken off my makeup and piled my hair on top of my head. I contemplated changing into jeans, putting on some mascara (NEVER leave home without it) and changing my hair style… but I figured “Who’s going to be at Braums? I don’t know many people in town… It would be pointless getting all dolled up for a 3 min trip to the store.”

So I put on my coat and went to Braums.

Well I should have known better. As a single girl, I shouldn’t ever go ANYWHERE without makeup IN MY PAJAMAS. (Which bytheway are striped long johns.)

the bottom half

The top half. no makeup. bad hair.
(I refuse to show you the get the idea)

So guess who I run into at Braums?!

This super cute guy (I mean HE IS DREAMY. He’s what I refer to as TDH: Tall Dark and Handsome).  I met him through a mutual friend. I was mortified! I spotted him across the room before he saw me. I didn’t make eye contact with him and I made sure to look the opposite direction as  he passed by. It didn’t work. He saw me.

He is one of those really nice guys that not only says “hi” but makes sure to ask how you are doing, what have you been up to…blah blah blah, all I could think was: “get me out of here!”

I had forgotten that we ran into each other at subway a couple of weeks ago.

He said something like “we always seem to run into each other at fast food places…”

I said “yeah that’s kind of embarrassing”

Then he said “Well at least it was subway…subways not that bad.” *( JUST LET ME LEAVE)

So I replied “yeah I love that place” What! I don’t love subway! oh my gosh! Why did I say that! Crap! please someone! take me out of my misery! It was one of those awkward comments that end the conversation because he didn’t know how to respond.

So me and my striped jump suit went home completely humiliated.

I’ve learned my lesson… I will never. ever. EVER. Leave my house like that again.


  1. Oh that's hilarious Brittney!! You still looked beautiful and memorable!!

  2. What's not flattering about head-to-toe, horizontal stripes?! Any guy worth your time would LOVE your PJs...and Subway! :)

  3. Thanks Aunt Karla!

    Kerri, that is so true! Too bad my ego can't take it! :-)