Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh the joys of apartment living

Hello my internet friends!

I hope you enjoyed my Monday must have topics! Now that we have begun a new month I have decided to switch gears. (Don’t worry I will continue to share my favorite things!)

However, today I just need to get a little off my chest.

I’ve lived in an apartment for the last two to three years.

In that time, I have encountered some VERY strange things.

I’ve lived next door to criminals, musicians, grandparents, loud dogs, you name it..I’ve dealt with it!

So you would think that I would be a pro at zoning people out!

Well below me (I live on the second floor) lives a single, 21-year-old mother. She has a 3-year-old little boy.

He is a little monster!! Over the summer she let him run around NAKED all over the parking lot. She left his food all over the place, same with his toys.

I was so patient, the epitome of understanding.

I’m thinking “this poor young mother! She has a hyper little boy to chase around and take care of (without a dad) she is obviously struggling to get by…so sad”

Well in recent weeks I have REVOKED my sympathetic attitude!

Here is what has been going on:

1.Brittney’s walls are paper thin.

2.Single mother has boyfriend.

3.Single mother and boyfriend are very loud around 3 a.m. (woke me up out of a dead sleep y’all!!)

4.Single mother has new friends that smoke in front of the stairs.

5.Single mother yells profanity at 3-year-old boy (who is obviously starving for attention)

6.Tonight, single mother yells this at boy: “go away from me now before you get your ass kicked!”

Oh. My. Gosh.

My heart hurts for this boy.

If you know me, you know how hard it is to keep my mouth shut! (I see you shaking your head yes!)

I will do my best to stay out of it…But (yes there’s always a “but”)

Brittney is not very patient or friendly at 3 a.m. If using my broom to the floor doesn’t work I will have no choice but to a) say something and embarrass her or b) get even (okay so I am way too chicken to follow through with that option but it sounded tough).

Any ideas??

Please say a prayer of patience for me (and the single mom) tonight!

(I promise my happy/cheerful self will be back tomorrow!)

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