Friday, December 16, 2011

High Five For Friday!!

One of my favorite bloggers hosts a fun link party over at From My Grey Desk. I thought I would join in and submit my top five things/moments from this week.

What in the heck is a “link party?!”: Basically, From My Grey Deskchooses a theme and other bloggers write about it and post their link to her blog! The purpose of a link party is to bring bloggers together and gain exposure for your blog.

Here we go:

1.The United States Postal Service! I ordered a pair of Sunglasses on Monday and they came in today!! Also, I ordered a gift online yesterday and it has already shipped! Whew! It will be here by Christmas!

2.Another thing I love about my charming town: I have/will attend not one, not two, BUT THREE Christmas parties this week!

3.Our family Christmas Card.


Enough said.

4.This "Not Yours" trinket I found at Francesca’s (probably the cutest store ever). I’ve never been good at sharing. Anything. Not even food. It’s still a problem to this day.

5. My nails. Remember my red nails? Well they lasted me about 12 days. I got one itty bitty chip and took them all off! I decided to go with the classic french this time! I'm kinda proud of my little stubs! They don't look too bad!

High five! It's Friday! Check out From My Grey Desk!

And have a good weekend!

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