Monday, December 19, 2011


Oh this morning was a disaster.

Back in July, my Dad got me the complete series of Charmed for my birthday. Over the past few months I’ve only watch a handful of episodes. But for some reason this weekend I couldn’t turn it off!

So last night I did my usual routine: Eat-shower-T.V. but instead of watching one episode of whatever’s on “Nick at Night,” I decided to watch Charmed.

Oh boy! I couldn’t turn it off! I kept telling myself that I would just watch the first ten minutes of the next episode but would end up watching the entire show! It was an endless cycle.

The next thing I knew, this bright light was peering through my window. I was extremely confused. Where am I? What is that noise?

I will give you one guess to what happened…

It was bright because it was MORNING! I was still on my couch. The noise was my neighbor’s diesel truck. I reached for my phone...It's 7:52!

I FLEW off the couch!

My heart’s racing! I have to be at work in 8 minutes, my hair is STILL sopping wet because it’s so high maintenance won’t dry by itself! AHHHH!

Seriously Brittney!

Of all days!

See today I have a super secret (but very important) “thing” that I have to do that requires my best appearance.

I couldn’t just pile my hair on top of my head and slap on some mascara. I had to look my best. This includes: blow drying and straightening my hair (which is a 40 min process alone), applying all my makeup and picking out my outfit. Being a girl sucks!

In fear that my mother might die of a heart attack reading this, I won’t tell you how late I was.

I just hope my “thing” goes better than my morning!

Happy Monday!

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