Thursday, December 15, 2011

December Birchbox

My December Birchbox is here! (Finally!)

This month’s box is my favorite!

1. Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss: I’m not sure about the color… I think it would be better for spring. It’s supposed to medicate dry lips. The shade looks darker in the bottle; it goes on sheer and shiny.

2. Kate Spade New York Twirl perfume: I am sooo excited about this! It has a fresh and clean smell and it’s not overpowering.

3. Showstoppers® Designer Fashion Tape in Nude/Black: This double-sided tape is supposed to be the latest and greatest thing in the fashion world (but I’m not an expert, I read it on their card). I’m actually excited about this because I’m going to a Christmas party Saturday! I think I will try it out on my strapless dress.

4. Benefit The POREfessional: Okay I need a new skincare treatment! My face is SERIOUSLY out of control! I am trying this tomorrow! It is a primer that shrinks your pores. This is what the card said after the description: “Perfect t-zone, here we come” please please be true!

5. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse® OR Multi-Usage Dry Oil Shimmer: Supposedly this product is “Coco Chanel fabulous.” I tried some on my arms and I really liked it! It made my skin have a soft glow with a silky feel. I can’t wait to use it for the party Saturday!

EBOOST Orange Natural Energy Booster: This last one is a little questionable. You add the packet of powder to bottle water. All I can think about is Airborne, you know, those yucky tablets you add to water to prevent a cold? Yuck!

I am really happy with this month’s box! I can’t wait to try out the perfume, tape, and shimmer Saturday!

If you’re interested in getting a BirchBox for yourself click here.

On another note: Tomorrow is Friday! YAY!

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