Friday, December 30, 2011

The best surprise ever!!

Last night I opened my mailbox and noticed a little key was lying inside! The key indicates “someone sent me a package that won’t fit in my little box!” So I took the key and opened the bigger box and saw this:

Gasp! Someone sent me a pair of TOMS!!! I yanked the shoes out of the mailbox and guess who sent them?!?!

Autumn and Jake Hembree!

“Oh no!” I thought! I didn’t send them a present! What to do! I ran up stairs and opened the box, This is what was inside:

Adorable. So true. So me.
These aren't just any pair of TOMS!
These are almost identical to the pair I've been trying to steal from Autumn for the past few years!

At the bottom of the box I found a note that read:


This is not a Xmas gift! This is a “you’re an awesome friend and aunt” gift (smiley face) Therefore it requires nothing but a thank you in return! (Another smiley face)

-(heart) Autumn

Sigh. She knows me too well. She knew I was panicking and she knew I would try to outdo her by sending her something equally amazing in return.

I don’t know what I did to deserve such a good friend.

Looks perfect on my nightstand!

Um. Yes.

Autumn, you little stinker! I love my shoes and sign! It is perfect! Thank you so much! It totally made my day! I miss you! In fact! I am coming to see you! Tell me when you’re off next and I will be there! Give Ava a kiss for me!!  xoxo Brittney

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