Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Washington D.C.

This time last week I had just finished my first full day in Washington D.C.!

It was my very first business trip! Eeek! Exciting!

I had a fabulous time!

Here are a few pictures:

*Note: All of these photos were taken on an iPhone, so bare with me!

**Another Note (TO SANTA) I think I might need a camera for Christmas...My readers don't like looking at fuzzy pictures!

Back of White House!

Front of the White House...Cute security guard wouldn't let me in! Even after I winked at him!

China Town. very cool!

Forver21, look how big it is!!

Yes. It was FOUR levels!!

Sprinkels Cupcakes! (The picture is taken from the inside of the store) Very cute! The owner is a judge on the Food Network Show Cupcake Wars!

Georgetown Cupcakes! Apparently this place is famous! I think they have a show on the Food Network!

By the way, Georgetown was AMAZING! I could spend an entire week there! Awesome shops and food!! It is a MUST if you are ever in D.C.

Filomena's! THE. BEST. FOOD. EVER. no joke...this lady (pictured above) is making homemade pasta! It was a little fancy (I was under-dressed in my OU sweat shirt). I could tell the "who's who" of D.C. dined there!

It was so beautiful with all of the leaves changing. This was my view from where we were working. Gorgeous!

I tried to get a picture of me and the Capitol. You can barely see it in the background!

The Cheese Shop. enough said.

Yummy! They gave us samples!

My friends! We had such a great time together!

Waiting on our deep dish pizza! It was fabulous!

So that was my trip (minus the work stuff!)

It was pretty much a food bender! Don't tell Weight Watchers...

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