Sunday, November 13, 2011

November BirchBox

My BirchBox arrived earlier last week. I have been waiting to post about it because I wanted to try everything out!

This month’s box was a little disappointing. Although there were a couple of items that I loved, there were a few that I could do without!

My favorite item was the Kerastase beautifying hair oil. It left my hair sleek and shiny!

The Befine food skin care night cream was awesome! I woke up with a light moisturized glow on my face!

I am very picky about mascara. This month’s box included a sample of Anastasia lash lifting mascara. I thought it was pretty good but I wouldn’t trade it for my L’Oreal Telescopic Lash! -I’m thinking tomorrows must have topic!?

This Supersmile complete oral care toothpaste: YUCK! I hate to give a bad review on a BirchBox item; especially one I was most excited about trying. It is green apple flavored toothpaste. It tasted like a jolly rancher for probably 10 seconds and then tasted like chalk. I used it this morning and ran to WalMart. By the time I was walking down the baking isle my mouth tasted like morning breath. It was as if I never brushed my teeth!

The last item in my box was Alex & Isabelle Classic Hair Tie. It was a little blue elastic ribbon. It reminded me of the ribbon Cinderella used to tie her hair back (in the first scene) when she was singing with the birds. I have a TON of hair. I laughed when I attempted to pull it all back in this little elastic band. It was a joke. I don’t think it could have held my bangs, let alone my entire mane!

Even with the disappointments, I still loved getting a surprise on my doorstep!

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