Thursday, November 24, 2011

New York, New York

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’ve had such a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.

Today I am in Tulsa with my Dad. We are having dinner soon and then I will be gearing up for Black Friday! YAY!

I spent yesterday at my Mom’s. We took our Christmas card photo out at the barn. She cooked a fabulous lunch.

We did something new this year. During lunch my mom had us play a little game. We had to go around the table and share what we were thankful for about the person sitting next to us. Then we shared our most embarrassing moment…best and worst dates…a Thanksgiving memory…it was slightly awkward but it kept the conversation alive.

I was inspired by the game and decided to write a post about my most memorable Thanksgiving.

7 years ago, my sophomore year in high school, I went to New York City with my show choir. We were invited to perform in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

It was probably the BEST week of my life. My Mimi (my Dad’s Mother) came as a chaperone. We spent the week going to Broadway shows, shopping and sightseeing.

Our choir got to attend a one-on-one workshop with the Broadway cast from Hairspray! We spent months learning their music. We performed for them; they gave us feedback and taught us the choreography! That night we went to see the show! It was awesome.

The week was a complete whirlwind. The day of the parade was so exciting. We marched (DANCED) all over New York. It was the farthest I think I’ve ever walked.

We saw so many celebrities. Steve Irwin’s (the crocodile hunter) float was right behind us.

Performing in front of Macy’s was so surreal. There are sooo many cameras. They are all around you, in the air, on the ground; you couldn’t hide from them. It was awesome. The energy and excitement was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

That night we had a big dinner and dance.

This is where my week went from FAB to BAD : (

The food was terrible! Nothing like my Mimi’s! For dessert they had gallons of ice cream. You know how picky I am about ice cream ya’ll! It wasn’t very good…

While all my peers were on the dance floor rocking out to the Black Eyed Pea’s (they had just made it big) my Mimi and I were sitting at our table…ALONE…crying : (

We were so homesick! We missed our family! Our southern food! SWEET TEA (they don’t have it in New York)!

So every year we laugh about that Thanksgiving.

It taught me that even if I am fulfilling my dream, traveling to the greatest city in America, performing on national television… nothing, NOTHING, compares to being with your family during the holidays.

This Thanksgiving, treasure the time you spend with your family!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh yeah! And happy Black Friday!!

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