Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Must Have

I had this BRILLIANT Monday Must Have topic all planned out. But then something happened. It was a near disaster. I will explain shortly.

So today I am going to give you two must have tips!

The original:

To all my fellow Black Friday Fanatics, I have the best little tool to share with you!

That’s right! It is an app for your phone that lists all the best deals!

It is very user friendly. You can search for the best deal by category:

Or by store:

Today it actually sent me an alert that Amazon posted their ad!

How awesome is that!?

Before I tell you about the second must have, let me give you the background story:

Yesterday I went to my favorite store (Pier One) to do a little Christmas shopping. I have a $50 gift card (from a prior purchase I had to return) and thought I might like to get myself an early present!

When I went to check out the card balance read ZERO! (Insert heart attack here).

Here’s what happened: the person that issued me the card gave me the wrong one! Gasp! I can’t figure out how he mixed up the cards but there must have been two on the counter or something?

Luckly, I had my original receipt for the gift card. They were able to look up the card number listed on the receipt and find the balance(Insert Hallelujah chorus here).

If I had thrown away my receipt, I would have lost $50!

So what is the second must have?

When you are purchasing gift cards this holiday season, make sure you keep the receipt with the card!

Wouldn’t you hate to give a gift card to someone and it show as being empty?

How embarrassing would that be?

Spread the word people! Keep those receipts!

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