Wednesday, November 30, 2011

for all you hopeless romantics...

I’ve recently finished a really good book. You know how I love a good book.

It was written by a famous Oklahoman. She is a blogger, you might have heard of her: The Pioneer Woman.

She is what we all aspire to be: stylish, crafty, motherly... basically a domestic goddess.

After a night of writers block, she decided to tell the story of how she met her husband. It was such a success she kept writing and eventually it became a book:

After four years in LA, she temporarily moved back to Oklahoma. She was determined to move to another city (Chicago). She hated the small town life. She desperately needed the fashion, food and night life that big cities have to offer.

She thought she had it all figured out…until she met Marlboro Man. For the first time in her life she was attracted to starched shirts, Levi jeans and cowboy boots. (Who can resist a man with a southern drawl?)

They spent every waking moment together. Most of their time was spent on his ranch. She cooked for him; they sat out on the porch, watched movies, it sounds simple but it was very romantic!

After reading this book I was reminded of one of my best friends, Alyssa.

She is from the city, had plans to move to Dallas, loved fashion and loved the night life, until she met Todd.

Our world as friends came crashing down.

Suddenly my best gal pal was spending every waking moment on his ranch (out in the middle of nowhere). Our plans to move to some fabulous city were at a screeching halt.

I’m not going to lie; I thought she had lost her mind.

How could ANYONE possibly be happy out in the boonies! What about starbucks? What about TARGET??

I kept thinking she would come to her senses but she never did.
Actually she did the opposite. After graduation she moved to a small town near his home.

Soon she was posting fishing pictures on Facebook. She learned how to ride a horse. She went with him to check on the cattle. She was a new woman. Last week she went HUNTING ya’ll!!!

I never understood what attracted her to this lifestyle. Until now.

After reading Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, I’ve had an epiphany!

I am actually JEALOUS of Alyssa! She’s had the right idea all along.

I want to live on a ranch and cuddle up to a cowboy!

You don’t need the shopping and night life when you have your very own Marlboro Man to keep you company.

So now that my eyes have opened, I have been noticing every starched shirt that walks past me...You should see me at Wal-Mart…they are everywhere!

I just know I’m going to meet my wrangler wearing man any day now!

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