Monday, November 14, 2011


Remember my 12 before 2012 post?

In an effort to get some of those accomplished I decided to spend the entire day working on my DIY project list.

Sunday was beautiful.

The first on my list was an old window I got at the salvage yard. I wanted to paint the glass panes with chalkboard paint so it would look like this:

My day of doing DIY didn’t turn out so well. Before I began I had a massive struggle with the tarp and the wind.

The battle involved:

1. chasing it around the parking lot.

2. chasing it around the parking barefoot (I attempted to hold it down with my shoes. Apparently flip flops are light weight?)

3. getting tangled in the tarp and braking my antique window.

4. saying several cusswords as I threw the tarp away.

5. realizing my neighbors witnessed the entire struggle/tantrum through their open window.

After all that fuss look how this pitiful project turned out:

Spray painting in the wind was similar to fighting the tarp!

I was really angry at the time so I didn’t bother taking a picture of myself.

I looked like this:

I wish this was the only disaster from my weekend of DIY.

Check out this jewelry box I painted:

I guess mustard yellow doesn’t look good in large quantities?

And this mirror! It used to be silver, I spray painted it black.

I can mark off # 10. BACK AWAY from the DIY project obsession.

I am DONE doing projects!

I'm a DIY failure!

If anyone is interested in earning a little extra cash let me know! I have a UGLY jewelry box that needs to be painted!

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