Saturday, October 8, 2011

My thoughts

Hello everyone!

I think this is the first time in my ENTIRE blogger history that I have posted on a Saturday (which isn’t saying much because I haven’t been a blogger for very long!)

I just thought I would share a few things with you:

1.Last night I had a dream that I was a famous blogger. People would stop me on the streets and tell me they read my blog! It was really random, but it’s had me thinking about how much I love blogging and how I wish I had more time to focus on it. Even though I’m not famous and only close friends and family (Hi poppa!) read this, it has become such a great release for me. So thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read it!

2.I also love reading other blogs. In the last month or so, I have realized that there are “professional bloggers” …people that actually get PAID to blog (or maybe they are just a new generation of stay home moms?)! I think this phenomenon is the reason for my dream last night. Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to worry about ALL DAY LONG is what to blog about! Think of all the DIY projects, crafts and fun girl stuff we could be doing. Oh well. I do love being around other people so I would get lonely if it was just me and my computer all day long.

3.Because I’m at home, I have been cozying up with my precious little baby. His name is Kosmo.

4.I got him in 6th grade for making straight A’s. It took me YEARS to talk my mom into getting a puppy. Now, she loves kosmo more than us! Just 30 minutes ago we were sitting on the porch and my sister came outside to join us. Just as she was sitting down my mom says “don’t sit there that’s Kosmo’s chair!” Yes our dog has his OWN human-sized chair outside! My mom even has his bed in their bedroom! This might not mean much to you but did I mention that we weren’t allowed to sleep in her room growing up! I will give you one guess to who is on the background on her phone. Hmmm…I wonder which child is her favorite!?

5.I’m beyond excited about Monday. Mom and I are both off work and we are spending the day together! We will be going to the new outlet mall and the nail salon. It’s girl heaven. I cant wait.

6.Have a good weekend!

p.s. BOOMER!

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