Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Must Have

I love Halloween, the colors, the candy, the costumes and most of all the movies!

I do enjoy a scary movie every now and then, but there is something about watching a scary movie on Halloween that makes me giddy!

I’m not just a fan of scary movies; I’m also a fan of cheesy hallo-weenie movies!

My favorite:

I watch this movie every year! I have ABC Family’s 13 Days of Halloween to thank for that!

I love having something to look forward to, tonight it’s curling up with my Wine-A-Rita and watching Hocus Pocus! It’s the small things in life!

So todays must have:


I know kinda very cheesy but it is so true. Traditions give us something to be excited about. Something we can count on every year!

Even if you don’t celebrate Halloween, I’m sure you have a tradition that you recognize during the harvest season.

I hope your evening is safe and enjoyable!

Happy Halloween!

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