Monday, October 3, 2011

Brittney goes to Canton!

Last weekend was a complete whirlwind!

I went on a 24 hour road trip that included some the best shopping. EVER.

After a night in a raggedy hotel (yes there were bugs and mold in the bathroom), we woke up (before the sun) and headed to the Canton Trade Days.

It was so overwhelming! There had to be thousands of vendors and booths. They sold everything under the sun!

Once we swallowed our initial shock, we began the impossible quest of conquering Canton.

I ended up buying a lot less than I originally expected. I was in over my head y'all! I saw pretty stuff everywhere I turned. I would see something I liked but talk myself out of it thinking: “there are still so many booths! What if I find something better??” Of course that thought process was an endless cycle so I left with hardly anything!

My first purchase was this cute Halloween book. It was a spontaneous/quick decision. I thought it was precious and I really need more fall d├ęcor.

It looks so cute on my coffee table!

My second (and most favorite) purchase is this wall shelf.

I’m so excited to have this for my kitchen. I love that I have another place to display some trinkets!

I am sooo proud of this lamp!

I saw this sitting on a table that was marked 50% off. It was originally $100. Fifty dollars is still more than I wanted to spend and the lamp shade was damaged. I brought the lamp to the vendor & pointed out the poor quality of the shade and asked how much she would sell it for. She told me she would give it to me for $30. I accepted her price and when I went for my cash I was short 4 dollars. I asked if she would take my card and she wouldn’t! I then proceeded to ask her if she would sell it for $26 and she hesitated. Next, the best thing happened: her husband turned around and said “yes she will!” haha I was smiling ear to ear! She rolled her eyes and took my cash. I can’t believe I saved SEVENTY FOUR DOLLARS!

Okay so this candle holder is going to get a makeover.

I saw these wooden candles everywhere! They sold them by the hole; some wooden blocks had up to 12 holes! I thought since this is an experimental project, we will play it safe and stick to one. I am going to Mod Podge some cute scrapbook paper on the sides and put it in my kitchen.

My last purchase is this amazing vintage-looking Christmas sign.

I have a confession… this wasn’t purchased at Canton. I found it at the Homegoods store in Allen. We don’t have Homegoods in Oklahoma so I had to stop! I can’t wait to put it up (along with all my other Christmas decorations!)

We are all very happy with our goodies! (and NO that ugly truck is not ours!)

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