Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blogger Blues

I know I have been MIA this week…and I really really want to be able to post every day but…my life is crazy!

Also, my life isn’t that interesting!

My “normal” day:

There isn’t a funny story to tell about my kids, pets or husband because those things don’t exist in my life.

So I am struggling. I don’t have anything interesting to write about on a daily basis.

I have spent a lot of time reading articles about tips for bloggers. All the tips include: posting every day, oops. Having a theme (does my life count?), oops. Being original, oops.

The blogs that inspire me are all about home decor, organizing, DIY and so on. I don’t have enough time to tackle big DIY projects. Although, I have a list of 5-6 DIY projects that I’ve bought supplies for and haven’t finished.

By the time I get out the craft supplies, do the project and clean up it’s after midnight! Did I mention I have to be up at 6:30 a.m.!

I know you are probably thinking: you live alone; you don’t have any responsibilities outside of work, what about the time you spend watching TV?

Here is my answer: I cook every night because I’m trying to meet a goal weight and eating healthy is a must! Cooking takes time y’all!

Also, I love my job but it can be exhausting!

Bottom line: I like to wind down in the evening.

I love my blog! I love the people that read it! I guess I’m just working through my guilt from neglecting it this week.

Thanks for listening to my soapbox.

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