Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Best Friends Forever

You will never guess what happened to me today!

I was sitting at my desk when a man walked through the door holding the most beautiful arrangement of flowers. Sigh. I know I probably had this “are you *bleeping* kidding me” look all over my face. The last thing I need is to watch another woman receive beautiful flowers from her husband. I mean really, who is going to send me flowers? It’s not Valentine’s Day (so that counts out my dad), it’s not my birthday and I don’t have a boyfriend/man-friend/husband to be spoiled by.

So imagine my SHOCK when he said “Is there a Brittney Orr at this office?” I practically fell out of my chair! What is going on! Can pigs fly? Has hell frozen over?? Because it totally blows my mind that someone thought of ME for absolutely NO reason and decided to send flowers!

This is what the card said:

Thanks for being such a great best friend,
I miss you, Love Alyssa


Alyssa is one of the only two people in this entire world that TRULY knows me. Every dark secret, embarrassing moment (ahem 2 weeks ago Alyssa), every boy crush, she knows about it. She is my partner in crime, my biggest fan, she is my best friend.

Alyssa is the first person I met at college. Freshman year was probably definitely my favorite year of college and every single memory includes her. We did some CRAZY things that I can’t write about on here (in fear that my future children might read this…or worse, my mother)

She has been there in my hardest times. Can you believe this girl drove for HOURS to see me the day I lost my Grammy!

She hosted my 21st birthday party (and invited the ENTIRE school to our house!), she went with me to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter (she’s not a fan), she went to my freshman dance recital (ALONE) when my parents couldn’t be there, she met me at the gym EVERY morning at 6 a.m. senior year when I was trying to lose weight (and thanks to her I did!).

Now that we have both graduated and transformed into successful career women we never get to see eachother. Although, we do have a weekly ritual of a 5:00 phone call that keeps us strong!

I miss her so much! I can’t believe I have survived this long without the adventures of Brittney and Alyssa.

Thank you for the flowers. It brought tears to my eyes!
I love you!

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