Monday, September 19, 2011

Why me!!??

Once again, I have somehow managed to make a fool out of myself at work.

It’s inevitable! I’m guaranteed to embarrass/injure myself at least one a month.

Today I accompanied a coworker to walmart to pick up some things we needed for an upcoming event. As I was helping her unload the trunk, I shut the rear door (she drives a SUV) on my head. I was standing a little bit too close and it came down right on top me! OUCH!!

I tried to act cool and play it off when they asked “ARE YOU OKAY?” I simply responded with a high pitched “yes!” and went on about my business (hoping no one would notice). When suddenly I hear someone say (in this panicked voice) “you’re bleeding!”

Right at that moment I start to feel something wet running down my face! So my first instinct (of course) is to TOUCH IT! Don’t ask me why!

Big mistake!

In touching it, not only did I get blood all over my hands, I smeared it all over the side of my face! By the time I made it inside I looked pretty rough! Of course, all my coworkers heard the people in the front gasp and came running out to see what happened.

I got shy, shut myself in the bathroom like a little girl, as people were knocking and asking me if I needed help! I think I even snapped at someone and told them to “shut the door because I don’t need an audience!” So not only have I embarrassed myself and grossed everyone out, I have managed to be totally rude to someone just trying to check on me! Ugh! I could seriously use a chill pill about now!

I let one lady in so she could look at it. I have a tiny little gash about ½ inch wide. YUCK! I got blood all over my office, the bathroom, the sidewalk, my pretty pink scarf (tear*, it’s my favorite!). No, I’m not exaggerating! I know! all this over a little cut!

I spent the remainder of my day with paper towels and ice packs.

After it all calmed down we took a few pics:

It’s pretty sad, everyone in my office knows about my blogging. It was their idea to do the pics! They were trying to comfort me: “at least you have a story for your blog!”

Whatever. This was my thought process: Ego: crushed. Scarf: dead. Hair: ruined. Bad attitude: out of control. Why does this always happen to me!?!?

So tonight I get home and my mom convinced me to go to the doctor and get it checked out. I got to choose between staples and glue. I chose the glue.

Guess who can’t wash her hair for two days!

Let’s go ahead and tack on a couple of bad hair days while we’re at it!

I'm such a klutz!

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