Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a walk in the park

I know you are probably SICK and TIRED of listening to people comment about the weather. It’s always something in Oklahoma. If it’s not 115 degrees outside, it’s storming. Severe storms. Or maybe it’s a grass fire, or a blizzard. It seems like we are always fighting the elements.

But FOR ONCE (in a very long, long, long time) I am going to brag about our weather. (I know kind of boring, hang in there it won’t take long)

I know it’s getting redundant …but can I just point out how unbelievably grateful/excited/energized/happy this weather has made me! Thank you Mother Nature! Keep up the good work!

This weekend I took a trip to visit my family (I know…what’s new!) The rents were out of town celebrating their Anniversarymoon so I house sat, dog sat, and sister watched.

I packed all of my best summer frocks. The weather has been so despicable the past few months that I have been boycotting watching the forecast. So imagine my surprise when I walked out of the house for church Sunday morning wearing a strapless cotton dress (yes I can wear strapless to my church because we are that cool! Come as you are!) I about froze!! I had to run back inside and put on some Capri pants! I was so giddy over the weather, I wasn’t even bothered by the fact that I was going to be late (and if you know me you would know that running late for anything is enough to send me into a frenzy!)

Sister and I spent the afternoon outdoors. We went to the park and took LOTS of pictures for her photography class. Somehow the photos became less about nature and more about capturing my awkwardness. Thats right!! She spent probably 10 min taking pics of nature and an HOUR following me around with her camera. oh boy!

I took this pic of her when she wasn't looking! So serious.

If you are wondering why she is wearing that scarf on her head, it's because her hair was in her face and was distracting her from her work. I was wearing it and let her use it as a headband!

I’m sorry I don’t have any of the photos that she took, sister needs to make me look pretty edit them before they are internet worthy. I promise I will post some when she is finished. She is SO extremely talented. I am so proud to be her big sister.

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