Friday, September 30, 2011


I have been pinching pennies for the past few weeks.

Eating Ramen noodles, avoiding anything that involves clothing and home decor (unless you count the stuff I bought from the salvage yard).

Why do you ask?

This weekend, get ready, I am going to CANTON, TX!!! Can you hear the angels singing??

For those of you who are confused, let me explain.

Canton, TX. is the ultimate shopping, home decorating, junking, experience.

So I’m told. You see, I have never actually been but I’ve heard (from several reliable sources) that it is AMAZING. (Yes I’m yelling that word to make a point!)

The first weekend of every month thousands of vendors set up booths and sell their stuff, anything and everything you can imagine. Clothing, jewelry, furniture, rugs, wall art, western, vintage, holiday, baby, quilts and so much more. I’m sad because I only get to spend one day (Sunday) roaming the booths- due to something I’m doing for work tomorrow (which I will be blogging about asap). But I have a plan. I made a list, a HUGE list, of everything I want need. I will not mozy around the booths that don’t offer anything I’m guaranteed to buy.

I will not use my normal method of look-think-purchase. This includes “looking” for 30 minutes or so, moving on to other stores (booths) while I “think” about buying it (aka talk myself into it) and then lastly, backtrack to “purchase.” That method is okay for a leisurely Saturday afternoon, but not this weekend. I’m going into my “Black Friday Mode.” Wish me luck!!

Anyway, I will post all the details of my experience and my findings next week!!

Happy Friday!

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