Monday, September 12, 2011

My Weekend Photos!

I went to Warren Theatre in Moore, Okla. AMAZING. We sat in the balcony! Balcony seating includes: seat warmers, a full dinner and drink menu and a call button for your waitress! The curtain rose when the movie started!
Very fancy!

I only had two minor inconveniences. The first, I spilled ketchup ALL OVER my shirt (not so fancy)…the second, we got about 15 minutes outside of town when I realized I left my phone in the seat (typical Brittney always losing my phone) don’t worry I found it!

I took a road trip to Tyler Texas! My FIRST business trip!
It takes about 5 hours to get to Tyler. We had only been in the car for an hour when we got a flat tire (again, just my luck)!

Thank you Durant Wal-Mart for fixing it for us!

On our way we passed the carnies!

I got excited because it reminds me that fall is here! And you know what comes along every fall?? THE FAIR!

On our way home we passed Ann Taylor LOFT. My favorite store. Ever.
For months I’ve been on this journey to find a business suit. It’s been nearly impossible to find a Jacket, pant, AND skirt that I like (feminine, borderline sexy, professional, not to mention the fit!)

Well the journey is over! I bought a three piece suit at LOFT! The suit matched all my criteria and was ON SALE! Hallelujah!

Yes, I hate it when people take their own photo in the mirror! But I really wanted y'all to see it! It won't happen again!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Happy Monday!

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