Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's a BOY!

It’s official! I am head over heels in love!!

Last night Autumn gave birth to a healthy precious little baby! Words cannot express my joy!

Beforehand, I thought holding and seeing the baby would be something similar to visiting a pet store. You know what I talking about…the section that sells the puppies! I figured I would show up to the pet store hospital, hold the baby, love on her and then go home and that’s it. I thought it would be a brief moment of something sweet, but also realizing that a baby would be a disaster for my lifestyle! Boy was I wrong!

Now don’t go thinking I have baby fever or anything crazy like that! I don’t want to have a baby, I want THAT BABY! It took all my strength not to walk out of that hospital and head for work this morning without that sweet baby hiding in my oversized purse! She is SERIOUSLY like my very own happy pill. 10 minutes around her and I am giddy, smiley, and on top of the world!

So let’s rewind to about 30 hours ago.

I took off work a few hours early (because I had convinced myself that she was minutes away from pushing…she was only at a 5 at this point haha). Drove like a mad woman to Ardmore and practically RAN through the doors into the waiting room! I went back to see Autumn. Amazingly, she was in a great mood, very social and relaxed. It wasn’t 30 minutes after I arrived that she was dilated to a 9! (Baby Ava recieved my “ESP” message about waiting till I arrive!)

We rushed out into the waiting room. A little while later Jake (Ava’s daddy) texted us “It’s go time!”

We all jumped out of our seats and stood in front of this door:

See, we were looking through the glass window at the door at the very end of the super long hallway. That is the door into Autumn’s delivery room! We watched FOR TWO HOURS as doctors and nurses went in and out of the room just waiting for Jake to run down the hallway to tell us the big news.

We had our cameras ready to capture his excitement!

An hour into the waiting process we received another text that said “almost here!” We were all hugging and high fiving! We then received the most romantic and breath taking words:

We really were crying!

The first picture we received (via text)was of the footprints.
On the page that displayed the footprints, there was a small box that said “sex” underneath said the word “male” WHAT! A BOY!

Immediately we text him back and said “does that say male!?!” he responds with: “we have some exciting news…”

Jake’s mom and I start planning the trip to Babies R US (I’m practically dialing the number to my boss to tell her I would be off the remainder of the week in order to transform the nursery from girly cute to frog prince !)

Moments later, Jake appeared through the magical door and we all BUSTED through the waiting room into that long hallway. We looked like a bunch of crazy women on black Friday (when they finally open the doorway at target!) We ran AT FULL SPEED towards Jake. He laughed and told us he had a baby girl!

*SIGH* it was a just a mistake!

When I finally got to hold that baby girl, it was like the world stopped and anything that had been stressing me out disappeared. The joy of seeing her sweet face consumed me. The little snores and sweet yawns were enough to melt my heart.

The next day (this morning) I got to the hospital before anyone else. I got to hold Ava for an entire hour! EEEK!!! Preshy!

The pediatrician came in for a visit while I was there. He looked over at me and asked “are you family or just a visitor?” I explained that I was just a visitor when Autumn interrupted me and claimed “she might as well be family!” TEAR!

He said “because your family… come over here and clean this diaper!” AHHH!

Guess what! I did it like a champ! I cleaned her (poopy!) diaper and put the new one on! (You know I’m a proud Aunt when I am bragging about cleaning a dirty diaper!)

Anyway, I know this has turned into quite the novel! I just didn’t want to leave any details out!

It has been a beautiful 24 hours! Thank you Autumn and Jake for sharing it with me!


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