Friday, September 23, 2011

I’m such a girl

Today is the first day of fall.

Can I get an AMEN!?

And you know what that means?? My favorite T.V. programs are back!!
Last summer was unbearable. I spent most of it indoors. Which TOTALLY sucked because let’s face it, there was NOTHING on TV!

For the past 3 months my evenings included: watching movies, going to the gym, I even resorted to reading y’all! Which was nice while it lasted but let’s face it... I’m a TV junkie!

So last night was the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. The two hour premiere was filled with so much heart wrenching drama! By the end of the show I was crying! Hard. Ugly. and kinda loud sobs.

I forgot how much that show affects my emotions! I become so invested in the show that by the time its over I have completely lost touch with reality and have to spend an additional 15 minutes putting my crazy/runny eye makeup self back together!

Thank goodness I live alone, because I think it would really scare someone (*ahem*future boyfriend) if they saw how much of a cry baby I am! I’m normally not emotional when it comes to movies but I totally loose it every Thursday night around 10:00!

Sunday Desperate Housewives are back for their final season. I anticipate another emotional rollercoaster coming my way.

Note to self: take eye makeup off before starting up the DVR (we don’t need to repeat last night).

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