Sunday, September 18, 2011

Date Night!

I know what you’re thinking “Hurray!! She’s finally landed a hot date!” …well don’t get too excited but yes! I went out on the town Friday night!

This date night was spent with two of my favorite people! My Poppa and Mary Ann. They took me to dinner and a show!

We went to a really cool place for dinner, Café Alley. It’s in this old warehouse looking building, very trendy! The food was delish! I had a steak, sweet potato fries (with a cinnamon/marshmallow dipping sauce) and homemade macaroni! Yumm! (And I wonder why I’m struggling to meet my goal weight?)

Anyway, following dinner we went to the community theatre to see Smokey Joe’s Café! I was especially excited/anxious for the show because I knew one of the cast members!

This lady I work with (okay so she’s not just “this lady” she is become a really good friend) her husband was one of the performers.

Background on the show: it’s a showcase of fifties music. NO PLOT. I was entering a dangerous territory. I love love love listening people sing (and never get bored) if they are talented. However, listening to someone sing (over a microphone) that has absolutely no talent is probably my least favorite thing to do.

So Friday I didn’t really know what to expect. I was a little worried that my friend’s husband wasn’t going to be any good, and then I would have to muster up some kind of fake “I really enjoyed the show” response! Now, I’m not very good at the fake yet sincere complement.

If you asked me how something looked (and I didn’t like it) you would be able to figure it out because my opinion would be written all over my face.

Back to the show…although there were *ahem* a few people that could really benefit from a voice lesson or two three four, friend’s husband was AMAZING!

I realize you can’t see my face to determine my sincerity so let me just say: this is a very genuine statement! The man can sing! And dance!

I was so excited and proud! At first I didn’t even recognize him! I thought “okay, there is one man up there that looks very similar but there’s no way!” He always seems so shy when I’m around him! It was like an entirely new person! Because his talent was sooo great, he made it easy for me to watch the not-so-great!

I had a wonderful time.

The next day Poppa checked my tires…

(annoying story that needs it's own blog, but I’m too annoyed to open that can of worms)

...and I went on my way. (to shopping, baby holding/kissing, and OU watching!)

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