Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chili Willy!

I had an amazing day.

Today, I woke up feeling like a champion. I hopped right out of bed, immediately knew what I wanted to wear (which NEVER happens), and genuinely looked forward to going to work. I have no explanation for my unusually good mood. I’m guessing it has something to do with the full moon. Or the fact that Halloween decorations are everywhere, or maybe it’s just because today: I WORE A JACKET

It’s the small things in life : )

Yes, today I think (according to the terribly inaccurate weather app on my phone) the high was 66. I’m pretty sure it didn’t even reach that. For me, the change in seasons (no matter the season) is probably the most refreshing feeling!

In the spirit of this chilly day, I cooked chili for dinner! Yay! It’s been so long! Also, I plan on cozying up in my brother’s hand-me-down Trojan football hoody and watching "Modern Family" reruns!

I hope your day was just as cozy as mine!

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