Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chic Picker!

As you know, this summer I moved to a new town.

My new hometown is very small and sometimes (all the time) extremely boring! I thought I had discovered all there is to know about this place. Every now and then I feel really sorry for myself that I have to live here (with no friends) and suffer through the slow paced, country living, Wal-Mart roaming SNOOZE that has become my life...I’m a city girl y’all!

Some of you are probably thinking: “I’ve watched all those lifetime movies, the small town life is romantic and charming!” yeah that’s what I thought too…but the problem with that theory is that in those movies there’s always a rugged cowboy that sweeps the city girl off her feet! (I’m still waiting for that to happen) So until I find my two-stepping, guitar playing, southern drawl, Josh Turner look-a-like, I will have to find a project.

So today, the big man upstairs cut me a break and gave me a new exciting adventure that will probably become a weekend ritual.

Have you ever watched “American Pickers?” My dad is a huge fan of the show; I have only seen a few episodes and thought it was pretty lame. Until today.

Guess what!? This girl is an American Picker! I went to an Architectural Salvage today on my lunch break. It looked pretty scary at first but when I took a closer look, I found out it's actually an interior design gold mine!

I couldn’t possibly put to words all that was going on inside my head! There were SO many things that inspired me! I have hundreds (okay maybe dozens hehe!) of projects and ideas that (in my mind) will be brilliant!

The BEST part: It’s all soooo inexpensive!

The WORST part: my apartment isn’t big enough for all of the stuff I plan on buying there! What to do! What to do!

So today I practiced A LOT of self restraint and only bought two Items.

The first is a floor candle holder. It is very similar to one I saw (that I am now referring to as my “inspiration piece”) at pierone for $160. Guess how much I paid?! …$15!!

It is sooo perfect for my apt and for fall!

The second is an antique tin ceiling tile. I am going to use it as wall art. I still haven’t decided where to hang it but I love how it’s old and warn out.
It is very Shabby Chic!

I officially have a new and improved attitude about my charming (don’t laugh) little town!

Thank goodness

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