Monday, September 26, 2011

Black eyed peas

Today I miss my Grammy.

I can't believe I have gone more than 3 years without talking to her.

It's weird how every now and then I feel this deep longing to talk to her. It's like being so homesick but your on the other side of the world, without a phone, and all you want is that person to hold you and talk to you.

Yesterday I was craving her black eyed peas. I can remember snapping the peas with my Poppa (the peas that we had just picked from their garden). They would be in a brown paper bag. Poppa and I would sit in the living room, he in his blue recliner and me in the floor.

Anyway, she would put fresh okra, sausage, ham, all kinds of yummy stuff with it. I have no idea how she made it or what spices she used but it was delish! I crave her peas every winter.

So with my excitement for fall came my cravings for Grammy's peas. I bought a bag of frozen peas with the snaps. I added a bunch of random spices and chunks of meat.

To my surprise it was really yummy! But it was nothing compared to my Grammys.

I wish so badly that I had just stopped and watched her make it!! It drives me crazy that I can't call her and ask her.

The memory of my Grammy (and her peas) have been heavy on my mind today.

I hope she knows how much we love and miss her. And I hope you take the time and STOP what you're doing, call your grandma and ask her how she makes your favorite meal!

You will regret it if you don't!


  1. Dear Brittney,
    I am actually related to you on your Dad's side, and was (am still) good friends with your Mom, and your Grammy was very special to me, too. Well, I was telling you that I live in the same town you do and would do anyting for you, but I read your bio, and realized you have graduated! Congratulations! I am praying for you! I can't cook this recipe like your Grammy could. Thank you so much for sharing from your heart!

  2. Hi Sandy!
    Thank you for leaving this sweet comment! I'm sorry I never met you while I was in Durant!

  3. Brittney, I'm new to blogging and I've been "stalking" fellow bloggers lately trying to get motivated to keep up my blog. Anyways, when I find a blog I like, I like to go back and read some of their previous posts. I just want you to know that you've made me feel very much more "normal" with all of your stories! From moving to a new town, to having homesick crying by myself nights, etc. But most of all, this post. My grandmother passed away on Christmas Day of this past year. She always made the BEST chocolate cream pie. After she passed away, I looked FOREVER to find the recipe in her box of recipes only to find out that she never used a recipe...she just had it all memorized. I wish that I could go back and get all of her delicious recipes that she never had written down. Thanks for sharing your story too!