Friday, September 30, 2011


I have been pinching pennies for the past few weeks.

Eating Ramen noodles, avoiding anything that involves clothing and home decor (unless you count the stuff I bought from the salvage yard).

Why do you ask?

This weekend, get ready, I am going to CANTON, TX!!! Can you hear the angels singing??

For those of you who are confused, let me explain.

Canton, TX. is the ultimate shopping, home decorating, junking, experience.

So I’m told. You see, I have never actually been but I’ve heard (from several reliable sources) that it is AMAZING. (Yes I’m yelling that word to make a point!)

The first weekend of every month thousands of vendors set up booths and sell their stuff, anything and everything you can imagine. Clothing, jewelry, furniture, rugs, wall art, western, vintage, holiday, baby, quilts and so much more. I’m sad because I only get to spend one day (Sunday) roaming the booths- due to something I’m doing for work tomorrow (which I will be blogging about asap). But I have a plan. I made a list, a HUGE list, of everything I want need. I will not mozy around the booths that don’t offer anything I’m guaranteed to buy.

I will not use my normal method of look-think-purchase. This includes “looking” for 30 minutes or so, moving on to other stores (booths) while I “think” about buying it (aka talk myself into it) and then lastly, backtrack to “purchase.” That method is okay for a leisurely Saturday afternoon, but not this weekend. I’m going into my “Black Friday Mode.” Wish me luck!!

Anyway, I will post all the details of my experience and my findings next week!!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Homemade Coasters!

Remember my secret housewarming gift for my friend?

Well I finally gave it to her! I am so excited about this DIY project!

I saw this on another blog (I know I’m a copy cat) and decided I would give it a try.

DIY coasters:

First I went to Home Depot and got white square wall tiles. Next, I took a trip to a local scrapbooking store to pick out my pretty paper. I decided to go with a Halloween theme.

Step one:

Design your coasters. Trace the square tile onto the paper and cut it out. I decided to personalize them by adding names and cutouts.

Step two:

Use Mod Podge glue (you can find it at hobby lobby) to glue the paper to the tile. I used a sponge brush to paint the glue on the top and bottom of the paper. Let it dry!

Step three:

To make them durable, spray paint the coasters with a clear top coat. I got this can at hobby lobby.

Step four:

Cut out little squares using felt (again, I found some at hobby lobby). Hot glue them to the back of your coaster. This will protect your furniture from the tile’s scratchy surface.

They made a great (and personal) housewarming gift for my friend!

I made myself some too : )

Monday, September 26, 2011

Black eyed peas

Today I miss my Grammy.

I can't believe I have gone more than 3 years without talking to her.

It's weird how every now and then I feel this deep longing to talk to her. It's like being so homesick but your on the other side of the world, without a phone, and all you want is that person to hold you and talk to you.

Yesterday I was craving her black eyed peas. I can remember snapping the peas with my Poppa (the peas that we had just picked from their garden). They would be in a brown paper bag. Poppa and I would sit in the living room, he in his blue recliner and me in the floor.

Anyway, she would put fresh okra, sausage, ham, all kinds of yummy stuff with it. I have no idea how she made it or what spices she used but it was delish! I crave her peas every winter.

So with my excitement for fall came my cravings for Grammy's peas. I bought a bag of frozen peas with the snaps. I added a bunch of random spices and chunks of meat.

To my surprise it was really yummy! But it was nothing compared to my Grammys.

I wish so badly that I had just stopped and watched her make it!! It drives me crazy that I can't call her and ask her.

The memory of my Grammy (and her peas) have been heavy on my mind today.

I hope she knows how much we love and miss her. And I hope you take the time and STOP what you're doing, call your grandma and ask her how she makes your favorite meal!

You will regret it if you don't!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Salvaged Goods

Remember when I told you about my new decorating gold mine?

Well I wasn’t kidding when I told you it would become a Saturday ritual. Today I went to the salvage yard and found this:

I wish I could say I came up with this cool jewelry holder idea on my own but I saw it on another blog and thought I would give it a try.

I really like the way it looks next to the other hooks. You can’t tell from the picture but its located right next to the full length mirror (which will be very convenient). I’m going to love having my favorite necklaces on display. Sometimes I forget about them (because I’m always in a hurry) and they rarely get worn.

So happy! My room got a new look and I get to start sprucing up my wardrobe!

Friday, September 23, 2011

I’m such a girl

Today is the first day of fall.

Can I get an AMEN!?

And you know what that means?? My favorite T.V. programs are back!!
Last summer was unbearable. I spent most of it indoors. Which TOTALLY sucked because let’s face it, there was NOTHING on TV!

For the past 3 months my evenings included: watching movies, going to the gym, I even resorted to reading y’all! Which was nice while it lasted but let’s face it... I’m a TV junkie!

So last night was the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. The two hour premiere was filled with so much heart wrenching drama! By the end of the show I was crying! Hard. Ugly. and kinda loud sobs.

I forgot how much that show affects my emotions! I become so invested in the show that by the time its over I have completely lost touch with reality and have to spend an additional 15 minutes putting my crazy/runny eye makeup self back together!

Thank goodness I live alone, because I think it would really scare someone (*ahem*future boyfriend) if they saw how much of a cry baby I am! I’m normally not emotional when it comes to movies but I totally loose it every Thursday night around 10:00!

Sunday Desperate Housewives are back for their final season. I anticipate another emotional rollercoaster coming my way.

Note to self: take eye makeup off before starting up the DVR (we don’t need to repeat last night).

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Tuesday findings!

Can you believe it's almost one in the morning! I have been crafting all night long(I'm off tomorrow). Because I'm half asleep, please excuse any errors found in this post. I'm only human! A very sleepy, drowsy,and achey human.

So earlier today (or I guess yesterday)I wondered upon this place:

I'm not a scrapbooker but I have a DIY project that requires scrapbooking stuff. I spent TWO hours in this store! The reason: I'm terribly indecisive! It took me forever to pick out the perfect paper; they probably had 100 choices to choose from! After the paper was selected, the lady working informed me of the "cricket."

Have you ever played with one of those things?! They are awesome! I don’t really know how to describe it but it’s basically a machine that will cut out anything you ask it to!

So I spent another hour sorting through fonts and cutting out words.

Here is a sneak peak of what I am working on!

It’s a gift for a friend so I don’t want to give too much away!

Don’t worry I will post all the details and instructions (with pics!) after
I give her my DIY Halloween treat!

Goodnight! Sleep tight!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Why me!!??

Once again, I have somehow managed to make a fool out of myself at work.

It’s inevitable! I’m guaranteed to embarrass/injure myself at least one a month.

Today I accompanied a coworker to walmart to pick up some things we needed for an upcoming event. As I was helping her unload the trunk, I shut the rear door (she drives a SUV) on my head. I was standing a little bit too close and it came down right on top me! OUCH!!

I tried to act cool and play it off when they asked “ARE YOU OKAY?” I simply responded with a high pitched “yes!” and went on about my business (hoping no one would notice). When suddenly I hear someone say (in this panicked voice) “you’re bleeding!”

Right at that moment I start to feel something wet running down my face! So my first instinct (of course) is to TOUCH IT! Don’t ask me why!

Big mistake!

In touching it, not only did I get blood all over my hands, I smeared it all over the side of my face! By the time I made it inside I looked pretty rough! Of course, all my coworkers heard the people in the front gasp and came running out to see what happened.

I got shy, shut myself in the bathroom like a little girl, as people were knocking and asking me if I needed help! I think I even snapped at someone and told them to “shut the door because I don’t need an audience!” So not only have I embarrassed myself and grossed everyone out, I have managed to be totally rude to someone just trying to check on me! Ugh! I could seriously use a chill pill about now!

I let one lady in so she could look at it. I have a tiny little gash about ½ inch wide. YUCK! I got blood all over my office, the bathroom, the sidewalk, my pretty pink scarf (tear*, it’s my favorite!). No, I’m not exaggerating! I know! all this over a little cut!

I spent the remainder of my day with paper towels and ice packs.

After it all calmed down we took a few pics:

It’s pretty sad, everyone in my office knows about my blogging. It was their idea to do the pics! They were trying to comfort me: “at least you have a story for your blog!”

Whatever. This was my thought process: Ego: crushed. Scarf: dead. Hair: ruined. Bad attitude: out of control. Why does this always happen to me!?!?

So tonight I get home and my mom convinced me to go to the doctor and get it checked out. I got to choose between staples and glue. I chose the glue.

Guess who can’t wash her hair for two days!

Let’s go ahead and tack on a couple of bad hair days while we’re at it!

I'm such a klutz!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday ramblings

I did some fall cleaning today! I even hung my fall wreath basket!

I just had to post a pic! I am so proud of this! I made it last year. I got all the supplies at Hobby Lobby!

I *oops!* just realized EVERY sentence in this post begins with the word “I”

Silly me!! Sorry I'm not feeling very creative tonight!

Date Night!

I know what you’re thinking “Hurray!! She’s finally landed a hot date!” …well don’t get too excited but yes! I went out on the town Friday night!

This date night was spent with two of my favorite people! My Poppa and Mary Ann. They took me to dinner and a show!

We went to a really cool place for dinner, Café Alley. It’s in this old warehouse looking building, very trendy! The food was delish! I had a steak, sweet potato fries (with a cinnamon/marshmallow dipping sauce) and homemade macaroni! Yumm! (And I wonder why I’m struggling to meet my goal weight?)

Anyway, following dinner we went to the community theatre to see Smokey Joe’s Café! I was especially excited/anxious for the show because I knew one of the cast members!

This lady I work with (okay so she’s not just “this lady” she is become a really good friend) her husband was one of the performers.

Background on the show: it’s a showcase of fifties music. NO PLOT. I was entering a dangerous territory. I love love love listening people sing (and never get bored) if they are talented. However, listening to someone sing (over a microphone) that has absolutely no talent is probably my least favorite thing to do.

So Friday I didn’t really know what to expect. I was a little worried that my friend’s husband wasn’t going to be any good, and then I would have to muster up some kind of fake “I really enjoyed the show” response! Now, I’m not very good at the fake yet sincere complement.

If you asked me how something looked (and I didn’t like it) you would be able to figure it out because my opinion would be written all over my face.

Back to the show…although there were *ahem* a few people that could really benefit from a voice lesson or two three four, friend’s husband was AMAZING!

I realize you can’t see my face to determine my sincerity so let me just say: this is a very genuine statement! The man can sing! And dance!

I was so excited and proud! At first I didn’t even recognize him! I thought “okay, there is one man up there that looks very similar but there’s no way!” He always seems so shy when I’m around him! It was like an entirely new person! Because his talent was sooo great, he made it easy for me to watch the not-so-great!

I had a wonderful time.

The next day Poppa checked my tires…

(annoying story that needs it's own blog, but I’m too annoyed to open that can of worms)

...and I went on my way. (to shopping, baby holding/kissing, and OU watching!)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chili Willy!

I had an amazing day.

Today, I woke up feeling like a champion. I hopped right out of bed, immediately knew what I wanted to wear (which NEVER happens), and genuinely looked forward to going to work. I have no explanation for my unusually good mood. I’m guessing it has something to do with the full moon. Or the fact that Halloween decorations are everywhere, or maybe it’s just because today: I WORE A JACKET

It’s the small things in life : )

Yes, today I think (according to the terribly inaccurate weather app on my phone) the high was 66. I’m pretty sure it didn’t even reach that. For me, the change in seasons (no matter the season) is probably the most refreshing feeling!

In the spirit of this chilly day, I cooked chili for dinner! Yay! It’s been so long! Also, I plan on cozying up in my brother’s hand-me-down Trojan football hoody and watching "Modern Family" reruns!

I hope your day was just as cozy as mine!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Howdy Neighbor!

Today is Good Neighbor day!

Lately I've been obsessed with reading random blogs (by random I mean complete strangers). I am amazed by how much I've been missing out on! I always thought that I am somewhat creative and have an eye for fashion, but I've found that I am merely a novice when it comes to creativity! Especially DIY projects!

I'm one of those people that are constantly being inspired by others. Have you ever had the urge to ask a stranger where they bought their purse or clothing because you can’t stop starring at it? That happens to me all the time! I know some of you have probably been annoyed when I have done that to you and then actually went out and bought it!! Gasp! I can’t help myself! Sometimes it takes seeing something on someone else before I realize how stinkin cute it is!

So, that little feeling (that people confuse with being a “copycat”) has been stirring inside my little blogger mind.

In honor of good neighbor day, I would like to share with you (my online neighbor) some cool things that I've learned lately through one of my favorite blogs!

The first:
Etsy, it is a really cool website where you can buy and sell handmade or vintage items, art and home stuff! It is like a handmade/DIY marketplace!Check it out here!

The second:
BirchBox, it is probably the best thing I have done for myself all year! It is a monthly beauty subscription. They deliver luxe (name brand) beauty samples to your door each month! At just $10.00 a month, you get access to the latest and greatest beauty products for hair, skin, and nails. I think it's a great way to treat yourself! I will let you know more about it when I receive my first surprise! For more info click here!

P.S. I am trying to compile a list of blogs for my recommended reading list! If you write a blog or have any suggestions let me know! : )

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Weekend Photos!

I went to Warren Theatre in Moore, Okla. AMAZING. We sat in the balcony! Balcony seating includes: seat warmers, a full dinner and drink menu and a call button for your waitress! The curtain rose when the movie started!
Very fancy!

I only had two minor inconveniences. The first, I spilled ketchup ALL OVER my shirt (not so fancy)…the second, we got about 15 minutes outside of town when I realized I left my phone in the seat (typical Brittney always losing my phone) don’t worry I found it!

I took a road trip to Tyler Texas! My FIRST business trip!
It takes about 5 hours to get to Tyler. We had only been in the car for an hour when we got a flat tire (again, just my luck)!

Thank you Durant Wal-Mart for fixing it for us!

On our way we passed the carnies!

I got excited because it reminds me that fall is here! And you know what comes along every fall?? THE FAIR!

On our way home we passed Ann Taylor LOFT. My favorite store. Ever.
For months I’ve been on this journey to find a business suit. It’s been nearly impossible to find a Jacket, pant, AND skirt that I like (feminine, borderline sexy, professional, not to mention the fit!)

Well the journey is over! I bought a three piece suit at LOFT! The suit matched all my criteria and was ON SALE! Hallelujah!

Yes, I hate it when people take their own photo in the mirror! But I really wanted y'all to see it! It won't happen again!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's a BOY!

It’s official! I am head over heels in love!!

Last night Autumn gave birth to a healthy precious little baby! Words cannot express my joy!

Beforehand, I thought holding and seeing the baby would be something similar to visiting a pet store. You know what I talking about…the section that sells the puppies! I figured I would show up to the pet store hospital, hold the baby, love on her and then go home and that’s it. I thought it would be a brief moment of something sweet, but also realizing that a baby would be a disaster for my lifestyle! Boy was I wrong!

Now don’t go thinking I have baby fever or anything crazy like that! I don’t want to have a baby, I want THAT BABY! It took all my strength not to walk out of that hospital and head for work this morning without that sweet baby hiding in my oversized purse! She is SERIOUSLY like my very own happy pill. 10 minutes around her and I am giddy, smiley, and on top of the world!

So let’s rewind to about 30 hours ago.

I took off work a few hours early (because I had convinced myself that she was minutes away from pushing…she was only at a 5 at this point haha). Drove like a mad woman to Ardmore and practically RAN through the doors into the waiting room! I went back to see Autumn. Amazingly, she was in a great mood, very social and relaxed. It wasn’t 30 minutes after I arrived that she was dilated to a 9! (Baby Ava recieved my “ESP” message about waiting till I arrive!)

We rushed out into the waiting room. A little while later Jake (Ava’s daddy) texted us “It’s go time!”

We all jumped out of our seats and stood in front of this door:

See, we were looking through the glass window at the door at the very end of the super long hallway. That is the door into Autumn’s delivery room! We watched FOR TWO HOURS as doctors and nurses went in and out of the room just waiting for Jake to run down the hallway to tell us the big news.

We had our cameras ready to capture his excitement!

An hour into the waiting process we received another text that said “almost here!” We were all hugging and high fiving! We then received the most romantic and breath taking words:

We really were crying!

The first picture we received (via text)was of the footprints.
On the page that displayed the footprints, there was a small box that said “sex” underneath said the word “male” WHAT! A BOY!

Immediately we text him back and said “does that say male!?!” he responds with: “we have some exciting news…”

Jake’s mom and I start planning the trip to Babies R US (I’m practically dialing the number to my boss to tell her I would be off the remainder of the week in order to transform the nursery from girly cute to frog prince !)

Moments later, Jake appeared through the magical door and we all BUSTED through the waiting room into that long hallway. We looked like a bunch of crazy women on black Friday (when they finally open the doorway at target!) We ran AT FULL SPEED towards Jake. He laughed and told us he had a baby girl!

*SIGH* it was a just a mistake!

When I finally got to hold that baby girl, it was like the world stopped and anything that had been stressing me out disappeared. The joy of seeing her sweet face consumed me. The little snores and sweet yawns were enough to melt my heart.

The next day (this morning) I got to the hospital before anyone else. I got to hold Ava for an entire hour! EEEK!!! Preshy!

The pediatrician came in for a visit while I was there. He looked over at me and asked “are you family or just a visitor?” I explained that I was just a visitor when Autumn interrupted me and claimed “she might as well be family!” TEAR!

He said “because your family… come over here and clean this diaper!” AHHH!

Guess what! I did it like a champ! I cleaned her (poopy!) diaper and put the new one on! (You know I’m a proud Aunt when I am bragging about cleaning a dirty diaper!)

Anyway, I know this has turned into quite the novel! I just didn’t want to leave any details out!

It has been a beautiful 24 hours! Thank you Autumn and Jake for sharing it with me!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a walk in the park

I know you are probably SICK and TIRED of listening to people comment about the weather. It’s always something in Oklahoma. If it’s not 115 degrees outside, it’s storming. Severe storms. Or maybe it’s a grass fire, or a blizzard. It seems like we are always fighting the elements.

But FOR ONCE (in a very long, long, long time) I am going to brag about our weather. (I know kind of boring, hang in there it won’t take long)

I know it’s getting redundant …but can I just point out how unbelievably grateful/excited/energized/happy this weather has made me! Thank you Mother Nature! Keep up the good work!

This weekend I took a trip to visit my family (I know…what’s new!) The rents were out of town celebrating their Anniversarymoon so I house sat, dog sat, and sister watched.

I packed all of my best summer frocks. The weather has been so despicable the past few months that I have been boycotting watching the forecast. So imagine my surprise when I walked out of the house for church Sunday morning wearing a strapless cotton dress (yes I can wear strapless to my church because we are that cool! Come as you are!) I about froze!! I had to run back inside and put on some Capri pants! I was so giddy over the weather, I wasn’t even bothered by the fact that I was going to be late (and if you know me you would know that running late for anything is enough to send me into a frenzy!)

Sister and I spent the afternoon outdoors. We went to the park and took LOTS of pictures for her photography class. Somehow the photos became less about nature and more about capturing my awkwardness. Thats right!! She spent probably 10 min taking pics of nature and an HOUR following me around with her camera. oh boy!

I took this pic of her when she wasn't looking! So serious.

If you are wondering why she is wearing that scarf on her head, it's because her hair was in her face and was distracting her from her work. I was wearing it and let her use it as a headband!

I’m sorry I don’t have any of the photos that she took, sister needs to make me look pretty edit them before they are internet worthy. I promise I will post some when she is finished. She is SO extremely talented. I am so proud to be her big sister.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chic Picker!

As you know, this summer I moved to a new town.

My new hometown is very small and sometimes (all the time) extremely boring! I thought I had discovered all there is to know about this place. Every now and then I feel really sorry for myself that I have to live here (with no friends) and suffer through the slow paced, country living, Wal-Mart roaming SNOOZE that has become my life...I’m a city girl y’all!

Some of you are probably thinking: “I’ve watched all those lifetime movies, the small town life is romantic and charming!” yeah that’s what I thought too…but the problem with that theory is that in those movies there’s always a rugged cowboy that sweeps the city girl off her feet! (I’m still waiting for that to happen) So until I find my two-stepping, guitar playing, southern drawl, Josh Turner look-a-like, I will have to find a project.

So today, the big man upstairs cut me a break and gave me a new exciting adventure that will probably become a weekend ritual.

Have you ever watched “American Pickers?” My dad is a huge fan of the show; I have only seen a few episodes and thought it was pretty lame. Until today.

Guess what!? This girl is an American Picker! I went to an Architectural Salvage today on my lunch break. It looked pretty scary at first but when I took a closer look, I found out it's actually an interior design gold mine!

I couldn’t possibly put to words all that was going on inside my head! There were SO many things that inspired me! I have hundreds (okay maybe dozens hehe!) of projects and ideas that (in my mind) will be brilliant!

The BEST part: It’s all soooo inexpensive!

The WORST part: my apartment isn’t big enough for all of the stuff I plan on buying there! What to do! What to do!

So today I practiced A LOT of self restraint and only bought two Items.

The first is a floor candle holder. It is very similar to one I saw (that I am now referring to as my “inspiration piece”) at pierone for $160. Guess how much I paid?! …$15!!

It is sooo perfect for my apt and for fall!

The second is an antique tin ceiling tile. I am going to use it as wall art. I still haven’t decided where to hang it but I love how it’s old and warn out.
It is very Shabby Chic!

I officially have a new and improved attitude about my charming (don’t laugh) little town!

Thank goodness