Monday, August 29, 2011

Queen of the Grass!

This past weekend was an absolute delight. 
My precious baby niece (okay she’s not really a baby, she’s 2) and her momma (my step sister) came to Oklahoma for a visit.
My mom has been keeping Reagan this week while Heather was on a business trip.   
I was super excited to spend the day with them; I even took off work early!
So imagine my disappointment when (after only spending an hour or so with her) Reagan decided she didn’t like me! WHAT!?! I know. Crazy!!
When I first arrived she was friendly and talkative, it wasn’t until we picked up my little sister from high school that she decided I was no longer a friend.  (My mom says three girls don’t play well…)
Reagan has this handheld mirror (similar to the one in beauty and the beast)…she liked to hold it up to people and say things like: “You’re so beautiful” or “you’re so cute!”  Anyway, she goes around doing this to my mom and sister, when she gets to me she says: “you’re so mean!!”  I about died!
I played with her, I showered her with complements, I even let her ride around on my shoulders (while she yelled “giddy up horsy!”) nothing seemed to win her over!
Later, my mother and I took Mikalya to meet my dad for the weekend.  When we were leaving, Reagan said bye to my mom and sister, told them she loved them…then she just looked over at me and said “not you!”
It wasn’t until we got rid of my little sister that she began warming up to me!
So the next day we are all sitting outside on the patio.  My mom had two fly swatters on the table (the flies were terrible!).  Reagan grabbed one and began running around the yard, twirling around.  She looked as though she was using it as a pretend wand.
A few minutes later, she came over and gave me the other swatter and led me into the grass.  She began saying “BB, Queen of the grass!” 
 It was so cute!  Finally this precious girl sees me for who I really am!  A queen!  She has let me into her little world and I am totally eating it up!  I began spinning and twirling the wand.  I went over to the adults and announced “Reagan says I’m queen of the grass!!”  so proud!
Little Reagan follows me over to the Adults and says “BB, queen of the grass” her mom starts cracking up!  I’m standing there with this confused expression on my face…apparently Reagan wasn’t saying BB, queen of the grass…she was saying “BB, CLEAN UP THE GRASS!”
O.M.G. guess what she wanted me to do.  My stepdad uses this little rake to flick the dog poop over the fence.
She wanted me to use the fly swatter (pretend rake) to flick the poop over the fence so SHE could twirl around and be the princess… I give up!

Well, maybe she likes me a little : )

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