Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Part Three…

Well it’s finally Sunday.
 Sister and I go to the late service at Church.   We had a big list of things to do that day, the first being a trip to Wal-Mart. Yuck.
Let me start by telling you how much I detest going to that dreadful place!  But unfortunately, in my town, Wal-Mart is our ONLY option. 
-The inevitable struggle of finding a decent parking spot (which has become a must thanks to the 112* temperature)
-The endless bumping into things-people-displays (because there isn’t enough space in the isles)
- Not to mention the slow shoppers.  You know what I’m talking about.  The people that take their sweet time (you get stuck behind them and can’t go around due to the small isles); they park their cart RIGHT IN FRONT of where your item is (and ignore you as you wait for them to read all of the nutritional facts). 
It is a mess! 
And I haven’t even mentioned the “people of Wal-Mart” you have to put up with!
So I decided the Wal-Mart experience would be less stressful if I had a plan.
Sister and I created a shopping list filled with things for her to eat during the week (while I’m at work), stuff to cook for dinner (so I can do better on my Weight Watchers!), and other miscellaneous items.
Mom tells me: put all of Mikayla’s necessities on my credit card. 
Well when we got to the front of the check out (which is always a long process because they NEVER have enough checkers) I decided, to save time, we will put everything on one ticket and do a split payment. 
I tell the lady to put about $30 on my card (to cover the things I bought for myself) and the rest on my Mom’s.  
The lady says okay and I swipe my card.  Well it puts the entire ticket on mine.   She looked at me and says sarcastically “you will need to go to customer service to get it fixed.”
AHHHH!  NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE!  Their line is ALWAYS a mile long!
So after telling my story (checkout mistake) to two or three people, going back and forth to my original checker, they finally figured out how to refund me. 
They had to enter each item individually for the return.  There were about 50 items.
 After they got the return figured out, they had to scan each item (AGAIN) to charge on my mom’s card.  I didn’t even bother to ask for a split payment.  I will just write her a check. 
By this time we have been in customer service for 30 to 40 minutes, my little sister has been sitting quietly while they straighten out the mess, and I am almost in tears! 
I don’t know if it was the humiliation (because of the long line of angry Wal-Mart costumers waiting on me to be finished), or the fact that a huge chunk of our afternoon was spent at my least favorite place, but I was done. 
We walked to the parking lot silently and as we came upon my vehicle I noticed a LONG tiny little scratch (like it had been keyed) along the side of my (less than a year old) car!
 I was at my breaking point!  I had HUGE tears rolling down my cheeks.  I got down on my knees (in my pretty dress) and licked my thumb and rubbed that scratch with all my might!
Talk about BOLD praying!  The scratch wasn’t a scratch!! It was just something sticky I must have run over! 
Thank goodness!
So I am boycotting our local Walmart!  Its not good for my sanity.

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